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The Review: Sin Primer

Another one of the Urban Decay eyeshadow primers have been used up. We all know that all the primers have incredible lasting power and are amazing. The only difference between Sin and the original color is that Sin is a champagne color and is best used with brown/gold tones. For experiment's sake, I tried this under purple and blue eyeshadow as well and the colors are muted and have that brown tinge to them so watch out for that.  Overall it's a great product, but I prefer the original formula to this only for the color factor. Again a little went a long way and lasted me about a month with just this little sample.

Watch It Wednesday: Vivianna Does Makeup

When I started watching Anna, I didn't think I'd become as obsessed with her videos as I really am. I was just trying to expand my beauty guru variety and found Anna. I have a whole system to marathon videos and I was a bit behind at the moment but I did follow Anna's blog for a year before I started to marathon her videos. She has this thing about her that you instantly believe all that she has to say on a product and all her picks have been spot on.  When watching her videos I found out we have very similar interests and personalities and I instantly became obsessed. I love her vlogs a lot and wish they were more common. Whenever she has beauty chats with Lily, I cry with laughter at every video, their friendship reminds me of me and my best friend. It was also funny to watch because as I marathon videos from the beginning, I would notice that Anna's taste in makeup was the same as mine and changed as mine did. I'm still a bit iffy with the dewy look but she rocks…

Try It Tuesday: BadGal Lash

I was so in love with They're Real that I didn't think any other Benefit mascara could compare. I have been proven wrong. 

I was most impressed with the brush. I haven't used an actual brush with mascara in a long time. I really like the wand as I feel like I reached every lash and it made my lashes full and long! Not as long as They're Real, but I can deal with it.  And holy moly I forgot how easily mascara is supposed to be to take off because just using my regular face cleanser did the trick. Majorly impressed as I hate when mascara doesn't come off.  I can't wait to use this mascara more and more!

Music Monday: Confident

What tends to happen with the music I love is that I never give it a chance at first. Demi Lovato's Confident album was out since October but I only recently became obsessed. Here's a run-down of the album:
Confident: This song is my jam! I love the instruments and beat which instantly lighten my mood and make me confident! Cool for the Summer: This was a summer hit. I'm a bit over it, but I'll sing along to it. I feel like it was a statement song in the fact that compared to the last album, it set a tone that this album would be different musically, which I really like. I love the bridge in the song and again the beat is just the best. Old Ways: This song is growing on me. Not one that's stuck in my head but I love the chorus to sing along to and for the beat change.For You: Another one where I just like the chorus but this is starting to play at work all the time and I find myself singing along so I must like it somewhat. Stone Cold: It's a different song but …

Foodie Friday: Iron Hill

A few weeks ago me and my friend treated ourselves and went out for a catch up dinner and we immediately thought of Iron Hill.

Iron Hill has a little something of everything and has options for everyone. I couldn't decide if I was in a salad or seafood mood, and even considered a seafood salad, but when I saw crab cakes on the menu, I knew that was my dinner. The service is really good and honestly the longest you have to wait for anything is possibly the wait before you get a table, just because it is that popular.  My food was delicious and was perfectly portioned (maybe a bit much with the fries but I wasn't complaining)! My friend had a turkey burger and loved her meal and sides as well!
It's a classic place to eat around here and for a good reason too!

The Review: Eden Primer

After loving the sample of the original Urban Decay primer potion formula, I was eager to try the matte version, which is called Eden. 

I'm not quite sure how big the sample size is, but I do know it lasts about a month with regular use. I found this to be hard to work with. You had to use the tiniest amount and I would always over-do it. It was super brightening and that's why so little is needed. It did matte-ify, and it was long lasting, but it was too difficult to work with and I don't plan on repurchasing it.

Watch It Wednesday: Jimmy Fallon

He really needs no introduction. Jimmy Fallon is one funny dude, everyone loves him, but this week I've been particularly obsessed with him.  I was first really into watching his show a few years ago because my roommate watched him. I would always laugh and we would especially watch him whenever him and Justin Timberlake would do another History of Rap.  I still don't regularly watch his show, only because I don't have a TV in my room and I forget, but every once in a while I always catch up the especially funny moments on YouTube.  He is big on music, much like myself, I especially love any bit that deals with music. I also love his impressions, they always crack me up. Yesterday I discovered that he did a few Whisper Challenge videos and I was peeing myself.  From what I gather, he always has a great time on the show and always has some sort of game that is played that day with a celebrity. I'd love to see a taping one day, cause like I said, he is one funny dude.

Try It Tuesday: Sugarbomb Lipgloss

I was super excited when I opened my advent calendar and saw this! Lip products are my weakness. Expanding my collection was even better! 

Like all Benefit Packaging, the Sugarbomb lipgloss is cute and simple. I especially love that the tube is clear as I can truly know when I'm finished. The color itself is a browny nude and very sheer. Very wearable. The scent is very sweet and dare I say sugary!  As for how the product holds up, it's fairly long lasting. I went about 3 hours without needing a reapply. When I'm at work, it held up until my break, which was perfect timing. I do tend to lick my lips a tonne so if I can fix that problem I'm sure it would last even longer.  All in all a good first impression!

Music Monday- My Favorite Christmas Songs

As Christmas is this Friday, I thought it would be fitting to share my all time favorite Christmas songs. Most of them are classics but others I've discovered through work because they get played a billion times and I'm forced to hear them, but these are all genuinely amazing. 
Lexi's Favorite Christmas Songs: White Christmas- Michael Buble Holly Jolly Christmas- Michael Buble Jingle Bells- Michael Buble All I Want for Christmas is You- Michael Buble It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas- Michael Buble Santa Claus Is Coming To Town- Michael Buble Cold December Night- Michael Buble O Holy Night- Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You- Mariah Carey Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays- NSYNC Jingle Bells- Barbara Steisand  Where Are You Christmas- Faith Hill Carol of the Bells- Trans Siberian Orchestra  Santa Claus Is Coming To Town- Bruce Springsteen  Underneath The Tree- Kelly Clarkson Favorite Things- Kelly Clarkson

Foodie Friday: Seven Stones

Seven Stones is the coffee shop my friends and I go to when we've had a bit too much Starbucks. It's one of the cute little coffee shops in Media that everyone has to go to. They have the standard coffee, tea, and hot chocolate selections along with pastries, fruit, sandwiches, juice and water selections.  This time around, I opted for the Irish Escape (maybe escape wasn't the right definitely had Irish in the title though!) and a brownie (which I believe was vegan if I read the sign right). My friend went for the Hot Chocolate.  The coffee was amazing as always. The brownie was a bit too dry for my liking, but I also went here at night and the food was sat out all day so morning is probably the best time to get food... Generally, it's one of the main coffee shops to be at and everyone loves it.

The Review: Yankee Candle- Lemon Zest

I've seemed to forget if I've ever talked about candles on here before...not so recently I used up my Yankee Candle in the Lemon Zest scent. 
Yankee Candles are always nicely packaged and have a simple picture of the scent. I am very particular with my scents and I love food scented candles, but there is such as a thing of too sweet. Yankee Candles are usually great with not overdoing it but I feel like after quite a few hours have passed and you step out of the room with the candle burning and walk back in, you get a huge whiff of the lemon scent, but if you've been in the room for a while, it's a lot less intense and very nice.  The only thing about this candle is that it doesn't burn very cleanly and I couldn't be bothered to clean the candle. I thought routinely trimming the wick helps, but that did no such thing.  Otherwise it's a lovely classic scent, but probably more for the summer months.

Watch It Wednesday: Tanya Burr

I've been subscribed to Tanya for about 3 years now and I've been obsessed with her from day 1. Not only do I love her makeup tutorials, but I love her hauls and favorites, baking videos, collabs, and most importantly her vlogs! It's currently Vlogmas and she's definitely helped put me into a very Christmassy mood. Her and Jim are adorable and I love little Martha. She's also always in a cheery mood, which is very infectious. I feel like everyone can have some sort of connection to her, which makes watching her videos so enjoyable. She's a bookworm like me and has been making me motivated to read more. That's not the only relatable thing, but just most things about her or things that interest her, I can relate to. She also has a makeup line (Tanya Burr Cosmetics) that I've been dying to get a hold of and a book (Love Tanya) that I need to read.

Try It Tuesday : Benefit's Highbeam

I was actually a bit scared to try this. I have oily skin so I do all I can to take away shine, so adding a highlighter to my makeup routine was definitely different. I had no expectations other than it's supposed to add a nice sheen.

Let's talk packaging as that's always first. Again, very cute, tiny and simple. The applicator is similar to a lip brush so that's certainly not expected.  This product completely blew me away. I was super happy with the results. I know I only put on a little amount and not nearly as much as you're probably supposed to, but it was perfect for me. I just put 3 little dots lining the tops of my cheek bones and rubbed it in with my fingers. It's subtle enough that only I know it's there or you're up close, but it definitely can be more intensified if more is on.  I can't wait to continue to use it!

Music Monday: Made In The AM

This is a month over due, but since One Direction's last performance before their break was last night, it's fitting. Today it's all about their latest album, Made In The AM. I'm sure most of you have heard about it at the very least, but here's a quick rundown of my current thoughts about each song. It's been on repeat since it's release but since then I've switched up quite a bit on which songs are my favorite but there's no doubt that I love this album a whole heck of a lot. 
1. Hey Angel: I wasn't crazy about this song at first. It's been compared to Clouds, which was on FOUR, and I had the same exact feeling towards that song as well. It's one that I need to listen to when I'm in the mood for it, or you hear it live. Currently I'm obsessed with Harry's solo in the second verse, so this song is up there for me, but I'm sure this will only last another week at the most. 2. Drag Me Down: This was out since August ( I thin…

Foodie Friday: Starbuck's Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino

It's the holiday season! My all time favorite Starbuck's holiday drink is the Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino. 

The drink is beautifully decorated with mint chocolate shavings and even the cold drinks have holiday themed cups!
As for taste, it's a mint lover's dream! I always think that any of their drinks with mocha are good to go to if you do not like the taste of coffee, as if there is any coffee in there, it's not noticeable. The only way I can perfectly describe the taste is to say that it's a liquefied Yorkshire Peppermint Patty. In fact, when I get all my friends to try this drink, I first ask them if they like that candy, and if they do, I immediately make them try the drink as I know they will love it. They are all PMF lovers after that!
Anyone try this wonderful creation?

The Review: NYM Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

I had always been fascinated with the idea of dry shampoo! It's the perfect solution to keep your hair looking fresh in between washes. I knew that Batiste was all the rage, but frankly, I didn't care. When you're a student and love to blog, it just makes to try all the options just in case.  So, I was in Ulta, I was on a mission to find a dry shampoo that didn't break the bank. I ignored the huge selection of Batiste. I then come across this brand, Not Your Mother's. It rang a bell as I believe my sisters had bought something from them. There I see their dry shampoo and I couldn't wait to go home just so I could try it out! As it was my first time with dry shampoo, I had nothing to compare it to, just that it was supposed to keep the grease and shine at bay. I had heard all the horror stories with powder being a problem with most dry shampoos so I guess I was expecting that as well.  Let me just say that I loved Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo from …

Watch It Wednesday: Sophie Foster

If I could watch YouTube nonstop, I definitely would. I constantly am marathoning new YouTubers and watching all the new videos in my subscription box. Although I do watch every video in my sub box, there are just some YouTubers that I get more excited to watch than others. It's sad but true.. Recently I've been dying to watch all the new Sophie Foster videos! I've been watching Sophie since she started her channel and I always knew that she would make it big in YouTube land.  She has a great mix of all kinds of videos: Hauls, style steals, tutorials, DIYs, Q&A, favorites, reaction videos and tag videos. There is honestly always something for everyone. Although I don't particularly have the same style as her, I just get fascinated with each video I watch and get inspired to dress a bit more like her, or wear colors/similar pieces/makeup looks to what she wears. She also has an amazing personality and a great sense of humor and I always am in a better mood after watch…

Try It Tuesday: Benefit's Total Moisture

I was much more pleased with day 2 of my benefit calendar! Day 2 had the Total Moisture facial cream in it. At first glance, I noted the very cute and simple packaging. I didn't take too much note as whether it was for the face or not. I was in a rush, so I decided it was for the face and hoped for the best as I tried to get ready for class. 
As for how the product itself was, I was pleasantly surprised! I have oily/combination skin, so the fact that this is supposed to be for dry skin made me think that I wouldn't get on with this, but for the blogger in me, I wanted to give it a go regardless. It's a very thick consistency, which I thought wouldn't sink into my skin and sort of just sit there and feel greasy all day, which is what moisturizers tend to do after a few hours even if it's for my skin type. Literally the second after this tiny pea-sized amount of lotion was on my face, it was soaked up! My skin felt super soft and I was intrigued as to how well it would…

Music Monday: Lauren Alaina

Music is a huge part of my life, so I thought why not make Monday a day where I talk about the artists and songs I love or have been stuck in my head. First up is Lauren Alaina! A few years ago, when American Idol was still good, I happened to start to watch the season that Lauren was on. I loved her straight away. She has a killer voice! And she was versatile too! And gorgeous! And my age! I wanted her to win, but sadly, she came in a close second!! So obviously she just HAS to have a great voice if she made it that far! Firstly, she's a country singer. I love all genres equally but I think at that time I was mostly in a country mood.  I keep up with all artists that I love, so I followed her journey with posting an album and patiently waiting for the next, which is still in progress. I believe it was either in September or October when her EP : LA was released and it's such a tune! Her single is called Next Boyfriend, and it's supposed to make fun of pickup lines, but it…

My Staple Makeup Looks

I've been wearing makeup since I was 13.  8 years later and I'm still wearing the same type of looks (with obvious better products and application). I thought I'd just tell you my timeless go-to's  (I don't have pictures for this, but I'm sure if you go to my channel, you'll see examples in any video of mine) The barely there look: Usually this is when I have zero time to put anything on. It's the absolute basic but always subtly pretty nonetheless. Just a bit of blemish correcting concealer (like the Maybelline cover stick or Rimmel Cover the Blemish concealer). Then dust a powder over that (I'm currently using Rimmel Stay Matte). I'm not too fussed with my brows, but I always makeup sure I at least brush through them to tame them a bit and I'll simply use a spoolie to get the job done. Then I'll use a brush that is probably meant for blush or highlighter and just dab a bit of silver/white eye shadow and blend it all over the lid. And then…

Foodie Friday: The Sugar Factory

The other week, me and my friends went to New York City for an adventure. I had no plans for the other, other than to explore but my friends at least wanted a set place to eat and again I put that up in the air and my friend came across the Sugar Factory. It's a few blocks away from the High Line (the other side, not the one that is right near Rockefeller area). 

I had no expectations for the actual food menu, as my friend only gave me a link to the dessert menu, but basically you can order a sugary drink, with normal food, then a dessert of your choosing. 

I went with the Chicken Caesar Crepe. Unfortunately we didn't stay for dessert as it was 2 in the afternoon and my friends were stuffed (me and my other friend were certainly more than up for trying the desserts, but what can you do). Back to how the crepe would be an understatement to say I mind mindblown by it. I had the salad first and that tasted just like Caesar Salad, all fine and dandy..then I went for the …

The Review: Sea Isle Cotton Bath & Body Works Lotion

I think I could go on an on about Bath& Body Works' body lotion. It's by far my favorite. I've mentioned their lotion before so to spare you the's the gist of it. Always nice with the clear packaging because you can see how much product is there.  The lid is damage proof. Simple design to get an idea of what kind of scent the lotion is.  Which leads me to the scent itself. Not something I would go for (found it when I was hallway closet shopping). It's a very clean and fresh scent, but not so overbearing. I was pleasantly surprised (as I believe I had this scent before and wasn't the biggest fan).  As for quality? It's all you could ever hope for a lotion to do. Not too thick, but has enough in there to keep even the roughest skin patches on the path to silky smoothness.  I also am 75% sure that this is part of the signature range, and that the scent hasn't been discontinued...I can't keep up with the scents that are still around, BUT …

Watch It Wednesday: Girl Meets World

Wednesdays are about what things I get excited to watch, whether it be a tv show, movie, or YouTuber!
Yes I know Girl Meets World is a Disney show. It doesn't matter the age, it's a show for everyone. If you were a 90s kid like me, you would have grown up watching Boy Meets World. It was my favorite show and I've probably seen every episode about 10 times now. I grew up with the characters and I loved following their lives. The fact that it's supposed to be based in Philadelphia, which is my hometown, was a bonus. But then that show came to an end and 13 years later, Girl Meets World was born! I came purely for Corey and Topanga moments and their life in NYC but I stayed for Riley and her group of friends. I'm now invested in the love triangle of middle school love. And I still get extra excited when I know a BMW character will make an appearance (I've seen the holiday episode about 10 times). It has all the jokes and laughter of a Disney show, and some old BMW j…

Try It Tuesday: Benefit's Ooh La Lift

Bare with me, I had a genius idea yesterday to revamp this blog yet again and post every Monday- Friday. Each day will have a themed post. Tuesdays are all about first impressions and it fits in perfectly now that I bought Benefit's Beauty Advent Calendar just the other day. It's about the 12 days of Christmas this year, and I'll be opening one gift every other day. The first day has Ooh La Lift, their under-eye concealer, in it. 

Let's start with packaging, very simple and sleek. The pink color intrigues me. It's not pictured, but it has a doe-foot applicator and it holds the perfect amount of product in it. 

At first swatch, the lighting looks shimmery but it's not. It has a pink tint which I figure is to help erase any blue undertones and it feels slightly sticky until it's completely settled.  As for trying it out...I was let down. It barely highlighted anything. I thought maybe it needed to sink in a bit, but yet it still wasn't as powerful as my othe…

My Favorite Movies

Grab some popcorn and get inspired for movie night!
In the mood for romance? Watch The Notebook I have seen this movie so many times that I can recite every line... In fact, the fight scene is probably my most quoted scene.. but The Notebook is about the story of Noah and Allie and how their love is a very powerful love. Throw some parents that don't approve of the relationship and another man and woman in the mix and you have the best love story of all time (in my opinion...). 
In the mood for a laugh? Watch Mean Girls It's a classic. So many quotes. You just have to watch it. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Rachel McAdams, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert. Just watch it...
In the mood for a musical? Watch the High School Musical Movies Zac Efron. Enough said..jokes. Actually I loved this since the debut when I was in 5th grade. It's probably so cheesy and classic Disney, and the first two weren't the best made, but it's another classic. All the tunes will make you …

The Review: MAC Eyeliner in Petrol Blue

Mac eyeliners are the only eyeliners I own, so I certainly love them. They all go on smoothly and can be blended out or left alone and will stay put for hours. This particular color, Petrol Blue, was given to me from my sister (never share eye products).  Little did I know, that this color had dried out. How that happened is beyond me, but I had a very hard time getting the color to show up. When I could, it was a very dark navy, nearly black. The name is very fitting. It would have been the perfect color to line your lashes with and it's a subtle change from the standard black or brown. 
What are your thoughts on MAC liners?

My Favorite Books

Firstly, I don't have all of these books with me, so I hope not having an image of them is okay...
BUT, Let's talk all things books!
I'm not the best with summarizing, as I want to give the whole plot away, or feel like I'm not saying enough..but I'll give a bit of a reason for why I love them so gosh darn much!
The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein Aka the book that makes you think about life. This book is told through a dog's perspective. Enzo, the dog, tells the story of his life, including the life of his owner and the things that goes on with his life. I love this book because it goes through troubled times in life and how dogs see things differently, and it also has a theme of what will happen when Enzo dies. He wishes to be a human in his next life because he thinks that being a human is the highest honor. After I read this, I just looked at my dog in a different light and it's just a cool read.  
The Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts Aka the books that…

The Review: eos Lip Balm

*not my eos was swallowed up by my floor and I didn't have the chance to take a photo*
I'm always on the hunt for the best lip products possible (but who isn't), so when my mom gave me an eos, I was happy to give it a go!
Firstly, the packaging is adorable and bright and easy to find (but can get bulky and doesn't fit well in just a wallet, but that's besides the point). Just for the shape alone, It was super easy to keep track of and I used up all that I could! (I had gotten to the very end and then dropped it before I went to bed and by the morning it was gone). I prefer the ease of a tube/stick as for applying, but I could make due with the egg (when I spotted that eos now make stick forms, I hopped right on that). 
Now the product itself is pretty darn good! Very hydrating and a nice scent. Nothing to complain here!
I still hold Blistex as the best of the best of lip balms for some reason, but if you happen to spot any of the colorful eggs, grab one! They…

some study tips

Since I'm a Junior in college, you'd think I'd just about mastered studying, but that isn't exactly true. I do know my fair share of tips (which you'll read in a sec), but please feel free to share some more tips in the comments!
Read over the material first. Just get some idea as to what you need to know or what you are asked. If you need to do a math problem, redo old homework questions and then rewrite them again if you have time. Basically for everything you need to know (definitions, facts, etc) rewrite the material. Maybe twice or three times if you are up for it. Reread what you are studying. (I find it best to read, rewrite, and read again and repeat)Try speaking out loud what you need to know. If you can, try teaching the material to someone else. You learn much quicker than you think. Make any charts/graphs/pictures necessary that could help divide the information. If it's memorizing information, or just need to remember something, try to make acronyms…

target vs ulta: what's best for what

Before working at Ulta, I had the misconception that everything was more expensive than at Target and that got me thinking that I wanted to do a post about the differences and similarities between the two and give the real deal on where to get what in terms of makeup, skincare, and hair.  The things that are the same are that the prices are the same. Really. If it seems more expensive at Ulta, use the 3.50 off of 10 coupon and it will probably be cheaper. I am 99% sure that they both have the same drugstore brands as well.   BUT Target carries e.l.f., which Ulta does not. Target has more options for drugstore bath and body things, but that's the only differences I can think of.  Ulta's version of e.l.f. is Essence. Same kind of prices and quality, but less variety in products. Ulta obviously carries high-end brands, but some different ones than Sephora. Ulta also has a better selection of face masks than Target.  So what's best for what? If you're looking for drugstore bran…

how to manage your time better

Now that school has been in session for about a month now, it's about time for a reminder to stay on top of things. This is your motivation post to get your ish together and get back on the ball.  The most important thing is to make a list of all the things that need to get done either for that day, or that week if you want to be that organized. Once your list is made, it's easier to break down.  Prioritize. See what things need to be done before the end of the day first. Then I personally love to split things up so it doesn't seem as overwhelming.  School comes first. It always should. Make time to study and get homework done.  Leave a spot for some "me time". You'll thank your sanity later.  For all the list lovers like myself: Note what needs to be done.Do the important things first, especially homework. Leave room for "me time"Breaking things up will make your long list go by fasterI hope this helps even a little bit! You're always welcome to list…

My Favorite Raspberry Smoothie

This week I wanted to share my go-to smoothie recipe! Super easy, only 4 ingredients and not that terrible for you!

So first you need your ingredients. I use 2 bags of frozen raspberries, 2 cups of vanilla yogurt, and a little more than 2 yogurt cup fulls of milk (add more if you'd like), and a little bit of sugar. . 

Simply mix all the ingredients in a blender of your choice. The best way to layer the ingredients is to put the yogurt first, then milk, the raspberries, and then just lightly pour enough sugar to cover the top. Then blend to your preferred thickness! Personally, The thicker the better as it's more of an ice cream consistency and too watery grosses me out. 

And there you go! See? Totally simple! And this makes enough to fill about 3 cups full (about 24 oz? maybe..? ). This is perfect for either dessert, breakfast, lunch, just a snack..the options are limitless! and it will last a few days too. I like to have it every few weeks in the summer! 
Hope this recipe was eas…

the real deal with the PSL

I'm coffee obsessed, so it's no surprise that I love Starbucks. I've done quite a few posts about the drinks I've given a go and since the PSL (or I guess this is the PSF?) is back, I'm giving it a second chance.

When I heard the PSL now had real pumpkin flavor instead of artificial pumpkin, I thought "maybe this time I will like the drink a bit more". First impression: liquefied pumpkin pie. I love me some pumpkin pie. It was great for the first few sips... then it started to get a bit too sweet and I instantly regretted ordering a venti (out of habit...).
After asking around, I've learned that I'm not totally crazy (I have a weird food/drink flavor tastebuds so not liking this doesn't surprise me). Apparently the frappuccino version isn't preferred but the normal latte version is all good!
So what are your thoughts on the PSL? Totally worth it? Or is it too hyped up?

Favorite Store: AEO

So, I wanted to start a favorite store series. American Eagle is probably perfect to start out with since the majority of my clothes are from here... 

First, there literally isn't a thing you can't find in that store. AE has it all: tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses, jackets, shoes, jewelry, belts, undergarments..I could go on for ages! I think I own at least one thing from every possibly category at that store (or at least I did). My friends still joke with me about one day in middle school when we were comparing where we bought our clothes that we had on. I kid you not, except for my socks, everything else was from American Eagle and my friends got such a kick out of it. (And as I write this now, I'm all decked out in AE once again...)

Let's talk their top selection. When I first was introduced to AE, I was not too crazy about their shirts. I always felt like their tops and dresses were always hit or miss. But as I find my own fashion sense and find a happy medium with th…