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Early Bird

Hey guys! Not much exciting things happened today. 
I woke up early (6ish) and wasn't dead tired, so that's a little victory for changing my body clock to the time I want it to be, which in a perfect world, I go to bed at 9 and wake up at 5, but for now, I want to get into the habit of going to bed at 10 and waking up at 6. Half of my friends think I'm crazy, and the other half are trying to get on the same schedule. 
I would like to call myself both an early bird and a night owl (but more of an early bird). As a kid, my body clock woke me up around 5 every day (woke up with the birds), but as I got older, it went a bit later till like 7. I would fall asleep when my parents told me to (which was around 9) but now it's a bit closer to 11 on average. 
I also have the potential to be a night owl, which is much easier when I'm with others and talking. At a sleepover, I'll be wide awake at 3am while everyone else is falling asleep. Always the last to fall asleep and first to wake up...
Up until college, waking up early was no problem and if I needed to, I could stay up late on the weekends and still wake up around the same time everyday. But when college happened, my body was just like "what are you doing?". My roommate and friends down the hall were all night owls. Basically, hanging around a bunch of night owls turned me into one. One morning I woke up at noon! I picked classes that were later so I wouldn't feel so tired, but by the end of my spring semester last year, I had the idea that I wanted my body clock to go back on track to what it used to be. It was hard. Going back home it got a bit back to schedule since my family go to bed early but once classes started in the fall, it was back to being surrounded to night owls. Over winter break, I put my foot down and had it in my head a definite schedule that I would stick to and I think it's working pretty well (so far).
I think the reason why I wanted to wake up earlier is that I like the quiet of the morning. I also feel as if I get more done in the morning. Breakfast is also my favorite meal and the fact that I've been slacking in that department is making me upset. I think it also makes me feel more awake and eager to be productive and all that good stuff. Sleeping till late makes me always want to sleep, and as much as I love sleeping, I don't like to feel sleepy 24/7. 
I know this is a whole big ramble, but sleep is very important, and having a consistent sleep schedule is even more important. So, the big question is, are you an early bird or a night owl?

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