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Frow Back Friday

Hey guys!  This week I was super busy with school, as I will most definitely be busy again next week as spring break is soon so everything is suddenly due and it's just no fun.  That leads me with little time to really listen to music, but some songs that were stuck in my head were some older tunes from JoJo that made me nostalgic. 
Leave (Get Out) The High Road Baby it's You Exceptional Too Little Too Late Not That Kinda Girl How To Touch A Girl Pretty Please Can't Take That Away From Me All I Want Is Everything
Anyone else miss JoJo? (Don't worry, I'm a huge fan, and she has an album coming out soon, I can't wait!) -Lexi

February Favorites

Hey guys! This week's video is all about my favorite things from the past month! I might have gotten a bit carried away talking about my favorites, but that just shows you how much I love them. Two new categories in the mix are favorite TV show and current YouTuber I have been marathoning. I hope you enjoy the video! -Lexi

Panic Mode: Studying

Hey guys! I think it finally hit my why I've been struggling so much on Mondays. Basically, everything for my classes ends up being due by Friday, which leaves my weekends potentially free of any work.  So, instead of getting ahead of notes or any other homework that isn't due until Tuesday, I spend my weekends doing absolutely nothing except catching up with friends and family and relaxing. But, since that is basically 2 and a half days of doing no school work whatsoever, by Monday, I'm shocked with how much is on my plate. I get up at 7, have class from 10-5, then have the rest of the night for homework.  With such little time to spare, I end up going into a panic mode. I usually try to keep a nice balance and prioritize my homework evenly throughout the week, but on Mondays, that seems to go out the window. I super prioritize and basically do nothing but homework until I'm done, or have to wait until the rest can be done (like right now). The whole process is usually a…

Grocery Shopping

Hey guys! Today has just been a pretty chill (but extremely beautiful) Sunday. I cleaned my room a bit, went grocery shopping, and watched YouTube all day. I'm currently deciding if I want to watch the Oscar's or just spend the rest of my night reading.  Little side note about grocery shopping, you never realize how expensive things are or how quickly things can go bad or need to be restocked on until you have to buy them yourself. I have a feeling that it will be sort of a weekly ordeal since fresh food is better for you, but everything just is finished by the end of the week and it's finally starting to hit me.  How have you spent your Sunday? -Lexi

Snowy Adventure

Hey guys! Today me and my friends were all home (well I'm not, but my college is a half hour from home so I'm close enough) so we decided to catch up over a Starbucks date.  It started out typical, us four girls having conversations with each other, talking over each other, just trying to catch up. We talked about what new mascaras to try and the best drinks and pastries at Starbucks (although I could only stare and drink my coffee since I gave up sweets for Lent). An hour into our little catch up, it started to snow. You never know with the weather, so we knew we had to leave as soon as possible. Around the same time, we decided that my friend Nicole was going to get her ear pierced and we needed to be on our way that second.  Half way there, the snow really started to stick and get slippery, right when we hit the busiest part of the drive. Slightly scared for our lives, we drove as safely as possible, trying to navigate our way there as none of us had been to this mall before (…

Five Seconds of Friday?

Hey guys! Friday is the day where I round up all the music that I can't stop listening to over the past week. It wasn't until last night when I really had any song that I was constantly listening to. I was watching MyNamesChai and during his video, he was either singing, or referencing a 5SOS song, and that's where it all went down hill. For over the past 24 hours I have been doing nothing but sing along and dance to these songs:
Voodoo DollDon't StopGood GirlsHeartbreak GirlWhat songs can you not stop listening to? -Lexi

A School Book I Actually Want To Read

Hey guys! After reading about 100 pages without realizing it, I think the book I'm currently reading should be talked about.  Firstly, the book is Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Think post-apocalyptic America with a 16 year old girl as the main character. After being a fan of The Hunger Games, The Selection, and Divergent, it's just another YA series for me. Interestingly enough, I started the Uglies series way back in 7th grade, but half way through Specials, I lost interest.  The reason why I bring up this book now, is that I have to read it for my LIT class. It's a pop culture class, and Uglies is being made into a movie, so we're learning about how pop culture views themes that are present in the book.  I love to read, I read constantly, it's rare if I don't on a given day. I just don't like when I'm told (or forced) to read a book, much like music, I need to discover and read them when I want to. Fortunately, I had already read this book, but I vaguely re…

Messy Bun Tutorial

Hey guys! This week's video is a hair tutorial. Ever wonder how I do a messy bun? Click here to find out! This literally takes less than a minute and it's my go to hair style when I just want my hair out of my face.  Do you do your messy bun similar to me? -Lexi

Fat Tuesday

Hey guys! Today is the best (or worst) day of the year, it's Fat Tuesday! The day that you can eat as much junk food as you please because it's the last day until Easter that you can have sweets. At least, that's what it's like for me.  Every year for Lent I have always attempted to give up sweets. I have such a sweet tooth that it truly is a sacrifice for me. My dad has always given up sweets as well, so we would suffer together. But, as expected, I usually cave after a week or two as I could never stay away from sweets that long. Fortunately, last year marked the first year that I actually stuck to giving up sweets (well some of them).  What was my trick? Give up only one specific thing, instead of cutting it out of my diet completely. Last year I gave up any sort of pastry. I love me some cake, and during birthday season, it's hard to resist. But since the bread sweets were cut out, I was still able to substitute with hard candy, chocolate, and ice cream.  The rough…

Family Sunday

Hey guys! Sunday is always a family day. Some Sundays are more eventful than others, like yesterday. I was home for the weekend to celebrate my sister's birthday. We then spent all day yesterday preparing for a family party later on that night.  It was a nice catch up with my family and it couldn't have ended on a better note. First, we had the family's favorite cake (hazelnut sponge cake with butter cream frosting...YUM). Then we spent the remainder of the night watching home videos.  That, was by far, the best way to end the night. Although I do love my cake, watching home videos is the best thing (especially the ones when I was around 3-5). We definitely all cry-laughed over many old memories or some things we forgot, and kids really do say the funniest things.  It was also eventful, because me and my sisters decided to bake cupcakes and after dinner, all the cousins had a frosting contest (I won by a landslide).  I just realized that the sugar intake may seem excessive, but…

What I Cant Stop Listening To

Hey guys! I'm thinking of making Friday the day where I round up all the songs that have been stuck in my head all week (or at least the ones I can remember). Of course every song I listen to is definitely a 10/10 and I hope you listen to them because they are awesome.  Credit- Meghan Trainor My Selfish Heart- Meghan Trainor Bloodstream- Ed Sheeran Different for Girls- Gavin DeGraw A Different Beat- Little Mix Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeran 18- One Direction Fool's Gold- One Direction Boy- Little Mix Better Dig Two- The Band Perry
What songs have you been listening to recently? - Lexi

My Favorite Shows

Hey guys! Earlier today I was thinking about what today's topic should be, planning to talk about how school has kept me busy but then I overheard my one roommate watching Reba on the TV and that made me inspired and nostalgic at the same time.  I remember whenever I would come home from school, I would always watch TV for a few hours (and I'm sort of getting back into that routine now). 7th Heaven and Gilmore Girls were my life in 5th-6th grade. Then I really got into What I Like About You. Then I think for a bit I watched King of Queens. Reba is on the 3-5 slot now, and so is Boy Meets World. BMW was (and still is) one of my all time favorite shows. I probably liked it even more since it was supposed to be in Philadelphia (where I'm from).  Now-a-days, I just watch whatever is on, whenever I can watch TV (usually I'm hooked on my YouTube subscription box). But, two shows that have stuck out more than the others are Game of Thrones (completely opposite from everything el…

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Hey guys! Stuck on what to wear for Valentine's? I have just the video to help you out! Perfect for a night out or a night in.  Anything special planned for the (totally not needed) holiday? -Lexi

January Empties

Hey guys!  On Wednesday, I posted a little video about the things I used up in January. Two lip products that couldn't have been more different from each other. One's a Philosophy lip gloss and the other is an e.l.f. lip and cheek duo. Wonder what I thought of them, watch the video! What things have you used up recently? -Lexi

There's Just Something About Those Coffee Shops...

Hey guys! After spending my lunch at Starbucks, I was suddenly inspired to write a post about coffee shops. I love them to pieces.  Firstly, I love coffee. I was sort of trained to like all types of coffee. My dad likes the standard cup, while my mom likes lattes. My poppop always made me cappuccino, while my mommom likes just shot of espresso (I think, but she also just likes standard coffee too.) Personally, I'll have whatever is offered, but at Starbucks I've tried at least half the menu so it's really hard to pick which to get. Anything with hazelnut is amazing, peppermint is even better, and chocolate or caramel is always a nice change.  Besides the coffee, I just love the whole atmosphere of a coffee shop. There's always relaxing music, it's not too loud (unless you're at a campus coffee shop), and it's a perfect place to get work done.  I used to only go to coffee shops to socialize with friends I haven't seen in a while. Then, since it was most conv…

Rainy Days Love To Test My Patience

Hey guys! As you can probably tell from the title, it was a rainy day today. More specifically, an icy rainy day. Walking carefully through slush is always fun. It's even more fun when it's freezing and windy as well and none of your classes are cancelled.  Something that I always struggle with on a rainy day is how to manage my hair. I'm a self proclaimed hair expert. I'm the go-to person in my entire family (cousins included) for when someone wants their hair done. I have a knack for it and I love trying out new styles (but sometimes my hands don't quite understand how to do some hairstyles on myself).  Rainy days always test me with my hair. It's naturally curly-ish . Hair, I have learned, is hard to put into a simple category. Basically, I have a ton of thin hair (or probably normal type hair, I thought someone told me I had thin hair and that's why it tangles so easily...I could be completely wrong). My hair when i was little was definitely curly, but ove…

Internet Friends are Awesome

Hey guys! Today was a little catch up and cleaning day. I am not participating in any Super Bowl activities because I'm not a big football fan and I honestly don't even know who is playing. Besides that, today I received a little New Years/Old Christmas card from my friend Rena. It made me so happy that I'm going to explain my internet friend journey and how they are so awesome.  First off, I'm a very lucky girl for finding such amazing friends through the internet. A little website that I have been obsessed with for almost 4 years is Tumblr. If you don't know what Tumblr is, it's basically a social media site where you blog about the things you like and don't like (my blog on there mostly consists of pictures, videos, and audio posts, with the occasional motivational phrase, quote, or little rants here and there) Tumblr, like almost every social media platform, has this messaging system. One day I decided to be the nosy person I am, and ask one of my favorite…