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A School Book I Actually Want To Read

Hey guys!
After reading about 100 pages without realizing it, I think the book I'm currently reading should be talked about. 
Firstly, the book is Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Think post-apocalyptic America with a 16 year old girl as the main character. After being a fan of The Hunger Games, The Selection, and Divergent, it's just another YA series for me. Interestingly enough, I started the Uglies series way back in 7th grade, but half way through Specials, I lost interest. 
The reason why I bring up this book now, is that I have to read it for my LIT class. It's a pop culture class, and Uglies is being made into a movie, so we're learning about how pop culture views themes that are present in the book. 
I love to read, I read constantly, it's rare if I don't on a given day. I just don't like when I'm told (or forced) to read a book, much like music, I need to discover and read them when I want to. Fortunately, I had already read this book, but I vaguely remember it, so I'm rereading it. 
Reading this book is a lot like when I went to go watch The Hunger Games with my sister. I remembered the basic plot (but with this book it was so long ago that I almost forgot everything), but as certain scenes happen, I suddenly remember what comes next and I give myself a high-five. 
Much like the popular YA books today, Uglies is a world where everyone is born ugly, and on their 16th birthday, have a surgery to become pretty. Tally, the main character, is a bit of a rebel and knows a bunch of tricks to sneak out into New Pretty Town and even beyond. She meets Shay, who tells her about what's outside their town. Trouble with the authorities finding out about their conversation leaves Tally with an ultimatum, help them out and turn pretty, or stay ugly forever. 
Much like any new book, it took me a few chapters to really get into the story, but as I already mentioned, I was hooked and read the entire second part of the book (there's 3 parts) last night and didn't even realize. 7th grade me loved the plot, I was interested to see what would happen to the characters. 20 year old me is still interested in the plot as I'm reminding myself of what happens in the book, but the whole school aspect and just being older and wiser, has really made me think about the book. (Shock horror, I know.) 
Maybe it's just been too long for me to remember my thoughts of the book originally, but now reading the book, I'm just comparing the world in the book to the world now and it's just really interesting and it makes you actually stop reading and think about what's going on. 
Bottom line is that Uglies is a great book for all ages, even though it's aimed toward younger kids. This was definitely me just rambling, but I haven't been so hooked to a book in a while and I thought I might as well share my thoughts as I'm nearing the end of the book. 
Have you ever enjoyed reading a book for school?

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