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Internet Friends are Awesome

Hey guys!
Today was a little catch up and cleaning day. I am not participating in any Super Bowl activities because I'm not a big football fan and I honestly don't even know who is playing. Besides that, today I received a little New Years/Old Christmas card from my friend Rena. It made me so happy that I'm going to explain my internet friend journey and how they are so awesome. 
First off, I'm a very lucky girl for finding such amazing friends through the internet. A little website that I have been obsessed with for almost 4 years is Tumblr. If you don't know what Tumblr is, it's basically a social media site where you blog about the things you like and don't like (my blog on there mostly consists of pictures, videos, and audio posts, with the occasional motivational phrase, quote, or little rants here and there)
Tumblr, like almost every social media platform, has this messaging system. One day I decided to be the nosy person I am, and ask one of my favorite bloggers about 20 questions based off of a mass question post. She answered me right away, and since it was probably my 50th time asking her a question, she must have noticed me enough (as if I hadn't reblogged and liked nearly every single one of her One Direction posts) to ask me questions from the same post and then followed me back. This was the start of a mutual asking friendship whenever one of these posts came up. A few months later, we started to talk about things in our everyday lives and she soon became an internet friend as we talked nearly everyday. 
Following her long enough made me nosy enough to follow her internet friend from Sweden (always referred to as the Swedish Bestie). So as you expect, me and this girl from Sweden quickly became friends and we dubbed ourselves the "power trio" on Tumblr since we all bonded on liking One Direction (especially Louis). 
Sometime in between talking to both of them, one of my friends from home decided to show me the wonderful world of YouTube and vlogging and blogging and the YouTubers that I call the "Brit Crew", which is basically Zoe Sugg  (Zoella) and all of her friends. This then lead me to creating a fan account on Twitter for this wonderful group (which is no longer a thing as I switched it into a general account for the internet). Through this account, I made friends with Rena. 
All three friendships are just as strong as my friendships from people in my hometown. They were both created in the same way, a bond over something in common. When you find the right people, then tend to stick around no matter what, in real life, or the internet. 
One pro of internet friends is also a con (probably the only con) and that is time zones. They suck. But also come in handy when you can't sleep because they are most likely still up as it's either morning or afternoon for them. Okay I lied, another con, is that because of time zones, you never see them, like in real life. But one day I would like to meet all of my internet friends. 
Basically this is all a rambly post about how I found a great experience with internet friends being close enough as my real life friends and how I'm thankful for all of them being in my life and knowing I can always count on them. They are also so supportive of me, which means the world. 
Mushy rant over. Have you ever made an internet friend? I'd love to hear your stories!

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