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Starbucks Guide: Coffee Frap

Hey guys! Since I go to Starbucks so often, I try as much as the menu as I can. Right now I'm taking full advantage of the Tiramisu Frap still, but I recently had just a plain coffee frappuccino.  It's the most basic frap, as it's just frozen coffee, and you can choose to put whip cream on it, but I believe that typically the barista will assume you don't. As it's the most basic, it's also the healthiest, as I believe a venti is only 250 calories. I like to have this option when I want to switch things up, or when I'm trying to be healthier but still want a frappuccino.  Have you ever tried the coffee frap? -Lexi

March Favorites

Hey guys! This week's video is all about what I've been loving over the past month! I may have gone on a ramble about my book and music favorites but that's okay.  What have you been loving this month? -Lexi

Currently Listening To: 5SOS

Hey guys! If you don't follow me on Twitter (@LexisGuide) then you probably wouldn't know that since the weekend, I've been playing nothing but 5SOS.  It's an obsession that was bound to happen since I first heard Heartbreak Girl senior year. What got me hooked was listening to and having Michael's solo in Voodoo Doll stuck in my head.  I'm still a new fan for them, so I'm unintentionally just listening to every song I can find and accidentally learning the lyrics before the song is over.  Here are the songs that I can remember that at least a line has been stuck in my head for any amount of time: Heartbreak Girl Good Girls Voodoo Doll Just Saying Mrs. All American Out of My Limit Don't Stop
What music have you been listening to recently? -Lexi

Not Having Any Sweets Is Hard

Hey guys! Thought I'd give a quick update on how I'm dealing with no sweets.  Basically, I've had to modify my lent so that I can't buy any sweets, but if they are given to me, then I won't refuse. There are just way too many birthdays not to have something. Plus the first day of spring means free water ice at Rita's so how could a girl refuse free water ice? I'm fine when there isn't any sweets in front of me, not buying sweets is easier since I don't want to spend the money, but when it's free, that's just an offer I can't refuse.  Has anyone else had to modify their lent? -Lexi

Book I've Read: Post-It

Hey guys! This book that I've just finished is called Post-It by BelWatson on Wattpad.  I've been reading Bel's stories for about 2 years now and every single one is read withing two days or less because I'm always that hooked. She posts independent stories along with fanfiction stories (her one direction ones are my favorite). Post-It is one of the independent stories but the main guy in the story is based off of Harry Styles (which I didn't know until I had read the end note). It's a very interesting story (which has a sequel that I can't wait to read)! One day, Maca finds a post-it note on a park bench and it brightened up her day so much that she decided to respond back to the note. This then leads to Maca befriending the person behind the post-it notes as they only talk through the post-its. After 5 months of talking via post-its, Maca agrees to meet this mysterious person behind the many smiles after reading these notes. But on the day of meeting this pe…

Creature of Habit

Hey guys! Let me warn you now. This post will be lengthy and probably rambly at times so if you don't like long posts, stop reading. If you want to know about my strange love for lists and routines and why they are awesome, continue reading.  I'm trying to think how one goes about talking about lists. I guess the first thing is why they are so awesome. They are a reminder of things you need, or of things you need to do. It makes packing and food shopping so much easier. It keeps homework on track and reminds you of what work still needs to be done.  Routines are just another list that you happen to do routinely.  I don't think I realized how much I love lists and routines and how much I rely on them (either constantly making mental lists, or actually writing/typing them) until 10th grade. 10th grade apparently was a big year for me as I also learned my favorite studying technique that year, which lead to my love of routines, which made me realize I love lists. It all makes sen…

Target Haul

Hey guys! Over the weekend, I went to Target twice. The first time with my friends and I bough a few things that caught my eye. Second time was with my sisters and I got what I need to get. Here's the video of everything that I bought. Enjoy! What's something that you really want to buy? -Lexi

Currently On Repeat

Hey guys! Here's my weekly roundup of things I've been listening to. This week, I've been reminded of my love for Ed Sheeran's album, X, and the songs that I have sort of neglected for a while. Meghan Trainor's song, Dear Future Husband, has been stuck in my head since I saw the music video for it on Monday.  And, during Spring Break, I would pay close attention to or stop everything and jam out to a few Rascal Flatts songs. Oh wait, Nick Jonas is making another guest appearance in my life as I've been listening to his songs a lot since they always are playing on the radio.
What I can't stop listening to: Runaway-Ed Sheeran Even My Dad Does Sometimes- Ed Sheeran Shirtsleeves- Ed Sheeran Photograph- Ed Sheeran The Man- Ed Sheeran Dear Future Husband- Meghan Trainor Powerful Stuff- Rascal Flatts Payback- Rascal Flatts Rewind- Rascal Flatts Chains- Nick Jonas 
What have you been loving recently? -Lexi

Tiramisu Frap

Hey guys! If you don't know by now, I'm a huge Starbucks lover. I go at least once a week and I try to switch my order up, but when there is a seasonal drink, I tend to always get that until it's gone.  I'm not too sure if the Tiramisu Frap is seasonal, but it's relatively new and I'm obsessed. I have never had tiramisu, but I imagine that it tastes similar to it. A very coffee taste, so more for the coffee lovers. I haven't tried the latte version, but from experience, the frap usually tastes better. Have you tried out the frappuccino or latte version yet? -Lexi

No Sweets Update 3/16/15

Hey guys! Earlier, I had mentioned that for Lent, I would be giving up all sweets. Usually I give up around about this time of the year and so I thought keeping an update will keep me more determined to not break the Lent.  Well, so far, I have changed my Lent. I try my hardest to not eat junk food, but it's just that time of the year where it's hard not to have junk. Desserts are just forced upon me. It's either someone's birthday, where you just have to have cake, or it's St. Joseph's day and you have a St. Joseph's cake. I just can't win.  That's why I'm trying to not go out and buy any junk food, but if it's given to me, I won't say no.  I tried and that's all that matters.  Have you broken your Lent yet? -Lexi

Beautiful Chaos

Hey guys! Just the other day, I spent the majority of the read reading Beautiful Chaos, the third book in the Beautiful Creatures series. My kindle told me that when I first picked up the book to read in the morning, I was already about 20% through. This was just me slowly reading a chapter or two a night for a few weeks. The beginning of books always are a bit boring to me as it's just a set up of what's going on and what the problem is.  I tend to go through books relatively quickly and I need to learn how to pace myself so that I don't go broke from reading so many books. This book was no exception. I didn't realize how quickly I would get lost in this book. Usually I don't stay glued to a book before the climax, but this book had me glued 20% through, and when I go through a book that fast, I need to talk about it.  If you haven't read the first two books in the series, or seen the movie of the first book, the series is your standard YA fantasy book. As typica…

Lunch in Town

Hey guys! On Tuesday, my friends and I had our usual PLL night gathering. The tradition started over the summer and we each would cook dinner and eat before or during the show. Once school started, the weekly gatherings were postponed as we all go to different schools and sort of started up in the winter. Now it's more of a catch up and try to make dessert while we try to understand what's going on in the show. Nevertheless, Tuesday was a special gathering as we made birthday cupcakes for our friend who was turning 21.  These cupcakes are pink velvet and tasted delicious! everything was store bought and we just had to make the cake and decorate them, but we had fun trying to figure out who had the neatest handwriting to write on the cupcakes (some were bound to be mess ups). I was very proud of my R as it was the neatest letter at that point.  These cupcakes were a surprise to our friend Kate and then on Wednesday after lunch, we gave them to her (all jumbled up since we didn'…

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hey guys! This week's video is my attempt at a tutorial of how I do my makeup on a daily basis.  It's a look that can be done in about 5 minutes and it looks like you're not wearing any makeup, which is the best look ever.  Depending on how much time I have to get ready, I could either add more eye shadow, and be bolder with my lip choice, or skip on skin all together and just makeup sure my brows look decent and that I have on mascara.  What is your most essential makeup step? -Lexi

Golden-I for March

Hey guys! Sorry for the blogging hiatus for a bit, I was busy with school and just didn't have the motivation to write as I was struggling with what I want to do for blogposts.  Anyway, I tend to only paint my nails once a month. I used to be terrible at painting nails and it was so bad that a 6 year old painted my nails better than I ever could. Now, I'm getting better with practice. Chipped nails don't bother me much since my nails chip right away and it's such a hassle to paint my nails if I want them to look nice.  Now I have a system. I paint my nails around the first of each month and I choose a color in my collection that reminds me most of that month. March's color is Sally Hansen's Golden-I. Gold reminds me of St. Patty's Day and I'm hoping it might bring me a little luck too.  I've had this color for over a year now, and it stays on fairly well without chipping on the nails that I don't use most often. This picture is taken about a week in…

Little March Goals

Hey guys! I'm suddenly stuck with inspiration for things I would like to do. Wanting to do something and sticking to it can be a bit hard when it's more of a would like to instead of an I need to kind of thing. One trick I have found for sticking to better habits or hobbies is to start off small and then slowly increase as time goes on. This trick can be applied to almost anything, which is awesome! Here are the challenges I have for myself to stick to for this month:
Stretch every day. The morning would be ideal as it probably helps to wake me up. I would like to do the whole stretch routine I remember from my cheerleading days, but maybe just sticking to touching my toes will be a start to get back into the swing of it.  Take more pictures. I never was a big picture taker. But I always admire people who take such great pictures which makes me think I should take more. Taking pictures will not only capture a moment of my day, but remind me to post them on social media. Whether t…