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What's In My Backpack

Hey guys! I'm a huge fan of watching "What's In My Bag" videos. They are entertaining and give me tips on what I should start bringing along with me on a daily basis. Since it's still school time, I thought it would be a neat idea and sort of do a twist and show you what's in my backpack! Although I try to keep it simple, I have found out that I do keep quite a bit of stuff with me. If you're interested to see what I have in my bag, click here.  What things do you carry in your bag? -Lexi

Skin Care Routine #1

Hey guys! This week's video is of my current skincare routine. I've been using these products for about a month now and it's been helping my skin a bunch. I have very oily skin, so if you're interested in my routine, you can watch the video here. It's very simple, only 5 products total, but very effective.  What skincare products work best for you? -Lexi

Starbucks Guide: Java Chip Frap

Hey guys! Recently I opted for the Java Chip Frappuccino at Starbucks and I thought I'd talk about it.  I don't find much of a difference between this and the Double Chocolate Chip Frap. The only difference is the kind of chocolate chips in the drink, when even then taste similar. It all is down to calories really, and I believe that the DCC has the most calories. To me, I can barely taste the coffee and it's more of a frozen chocolate milk. So this is for those who are not the biggest fan of coffee, or just want to switch things up.  Have you ever tried the Java Chip Frappuccino? -Lexi

Easter Egg Nails

Hey guys!  This month I have painted my nails a pretty pastely blue. I associate blue with April because of how much it rains. The base of my nails is Essie's Bikini So Teeny. The glitter coat is NYC's Starry Silver Glitter. 
My mom said that the combo looks like Easter eggs, which wasn't intended but I love how it turned out!  What nail polish have you been wearing lately?  -Lexi

The Emoji Tag

Hey guys! My friend Rena tagged me to do the Emoji Tag/Challenge. You can see the video here.  The challenge is to describe yourself in 5 emojis. It was a toughie, but I picked the cry laughing emoji, the heart eye emoji, the music notes, the stack of books, and the brown boot emoji.  What emojis do you think describe you? -Lexi

April Goals

Hey guys! Last month I wrote a post about the goals I had for that month and I want to make this a little series.  Fitness wise, I would like to actually stretch everyday and stick to it. Also to walk wherever possible and not just on the way back home.  I would love to stick to reading every night. I read most nights last month, but this month I will definitely read every night.  I've been better with taking pictures, especially of my sister's boyfriend's dog, but not really posting them. So being more active on social media is something I would like to work on as well.  Small goals again, but I need to stick to small goals to achieve greater ones.  What things would you like to accomplish this month? -Lexi