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Need S'More Frappuccinos?

Hey guys!  One of Starbucks' new frappuccino flavors is S'Mores. This was a much anticipated flavor for me to try. If you don't already know, I am a huge Starbucks fan. I have tried nearly all of the frappuccino (I think strawberry and creme is the one I have not tried) flavors so whenever there is a new flavor, I need to have it.  I have had this frap with both a cookie straw (happened to be giving them out for free that day) and with the plain straw. Both times were delicious. I've also tried the frap with a pastry and without one. Here's the deal. This is one seriously sweet frap. Tons of chocolate and cream and graham crakers mixed with coffee of course (but I can't taste the coffee so if any non-coffee people want to feel brave, try it out).  Unless you have a serious sweet tooth, I would recommend getting the frap on it's own with no side pastry (or get a sandwich if you want) as it can be a bit much.  Overall, Starbucks has yet to fail me with a delicio…

May Favorites

Hey guys! This week's video is a monthly favorites video. As usual, I mention my favorite makeup, hair, fashion, books, and music favorites of the past month. I hope you enjoy the video! What have you been loving recently? -Lexi

A Day at the Beach

Hey guys! Last week, I went to the shore with my friends and it was a perfect day (except for the sunburn..ALWAYS wear sunscreen).

Our first stop before we left was a WaWa run, were I got a delicious (but not very nutritious) cookie dough parfait. 

Then, we went right to the beach and it started off cloudy...

...but got a bit sunnier as the day went on!
Since we went to Wildwood, NJ, a beach my whole family has been going to since my mom was little, I knew all the best places to go. The first beach was in the Crest. Then we headed to Sam's Pizza on the boardwalk for lunch. 

Sam's is THE place to go for pizza, and we always get a plain pizza, then put some seasonings on top (like garlic powder, peppers and oregano).

After we were stuffed with pizza, we went to the beach off the boardwalk and soaked up the sun until it was about time to head home. 

Since it was "off season", no ice cream shops were open, so we went to Ocean City's boardwalk and scoured the place to find an…

SS Shoe Collection| Video

Hey guys! The other day I uploaded a quick little video showing all the shoes that I've collected over the years that I wear in the spring and summer. A few of the shoes have unrecognizable brand labels because I have worn them so often, so I apologize for those few shoes.  I hope you enjoy the video! What is your favorite spring/summer shoe? -Lexi

Age of Adaline Inspired Hair Tutorial

Hey guys! This week's video is a hair tutorial. The other day, I saw my friend Rena attempt a hairstyle from the Age of Adaline movie. I attempted the look as well and when I showed her, she wanted me to do a tutorial. It's super easy- literally only 4 steps! If you're interested in seeing how I recreated this look, watch the video (linked below)!
Would you like me to do more inspired hairstyles? -Lexi

Book To Read: The Longest Ride

Hey guys!  After a few week break after studying for my last few grades and finals, I'm now getting back into the swing of blogging and vlogging! A few weeks ago I had finished reading The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. It's not my favorite book from him, but I did enjoy the book! I wanted to read the book after my mom's recommendation and after seeing a trailer for the movie adaptation. My mom was insistent that I read the book as soon as possible so we could see the movie together, but her nagging actually made me want to read the book less (I don't like being told what to read, especially if there is a due date). But once I was half way through the book, I really started to get hooked.  Like any book that I read, I find it hard to get lost in the book right away, and as much as I love Nicholas Sparks books, I don't truly get hooked until half way through. I found that the movie trailers made me lost in the book faster, since I was waiting for certain scenes to hap…