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Bath & Body Works Lotion Review

Hey guys!  Bath & Body Works have always been my go-to body lotion for years, so I thought it was about time to give it a review. 

Let's start with packaging. The older bottles are more simplistic with a clear bottle and a simple design of the scent. I think I prefer the simplicity of the older packaging as the newer packaging can be a bit OTT. The only problem I have with this particular size's packaging is that the cap broke after being closed one too many times (or I screwed it on a bit too tight). Regardless, It broke soon enough that I felt as if I could have had more use of the lotion if it had a better cap. 

The scent itself is one of my all time favorites and sadly it is a discontinued scent ( White Cherry Blossom). I am quite particular with scents and with lotions, I love flowery scents that aren't too strong and this was a bit musky, so it was a great substitute for a perfume if need be. Also, Bath & Body Works' scents last for ages! I still have this l…

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub Review

Hey Guys! Recently, I've used up the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub. It was a very lovely product to use. I'm a big fan of Clean & Clear products so my expectations were met. This product certainly did wake me up more as the bursting beads almost jolt you awake with the citrus scent and your skin tingles in a good way. I have tried this product first twice a week as I was using another cleanser, and then everyday. Just like the bottle says, it was gentle enough to use daily. I chose the oil free formula as my skin has been problematic at the moment, but I feel as if this scrub has helped my skin. The price isn't too expensive and it lasted me about a year but with daily use, I imagine it would be used up in a few months. Overall, this facial scrub gets a thumbs up from me!

Have you guys tried this product before? -Lexi