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What to Bring to School

Since school started on Monday, I thought it would be appropriate to start some sort of a school series. First up, what to bring (a "what's in my bag: school edition" if you will...).

Basics are always a great place to start. Pencils, pens, notebooks, folders, and binders are a must. I personally like individual folders and one subject notebooks. I like to keep a binder or two around for extra note space.  Pencil sharpeners are always nice to have since most college classrooms don't have a sharpener in them.  And now for the optional things: makeup! Lip balm is always a must. (Who likes having dry lips?) I think I have a tube of lip balm in almost every bag I own just to be prepared. I usually forget to reapply lip gloss or lip stick, but I carry whatever I'm wearing that day in case I remember. If the color needs to be precise, I carry a mini mirror. Or, you can always just go reapply in a bathroom... Having a hand sanitizer is also a good idea..  I need to follow my…

Lay It On Thick

Nothing excites me more than trying out products, especially when I love another product from the same brand. So at first glance, I knew that True Blue Spa's body lotion, Lay It On Thick, would give me hydrated and soft skin. 

But before I get into how I got on with this product, let's start with packaging (like always). It's very simplistic and a pretty blue and it's squeezable. All good things. 
Even though I had high hopes, and the product did it's job, I don't think I'll be getting this again. Yes, it made my skin soft like I hoped and yes it was hydrating, but it was a bit too thick for my liking. I knew it would be, as the name suggests, but that's just my cup of tea. I take showers in the morning and so when I would put the lotion on, it just didn't sink in fast enough. I felt sticky, even with a small amount on.  I guess nothing can beat my trusty Bath &Body Works lotion...

my favorite moisturizer...

About a year and a half ago, I decided that I needed to get myself a proper moisturizer. I wanted to try a drugstore one, since I had never tried one before, but didn't know where to begin. An hour later searching on Target's website, I find that the Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for sensitive skin was the best moisturizer for oily skin. It wasn't too expensive, so I decided to give it a go. 

The packaging is simple and effective. I like how the pump gives the perfect amount of product. I also like the fact that when held up to a light, you can see how much product is left. 
It says on the tin to use morning and night, alone, or under makeup. I use it only in the morning. The formula is fairly light weight, and when I first used it, my skin soaked it right up. Now, my skin may be a bit more combination instead of oily, so it takes longer to sink in and doesn't suit me as much anymore. Or, I may just have gotten used to the formula and just need to try a new moisturizer an…