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the real deal with the PSL

I'm coffee obsessed, so it's no surprise that I love Starbucks. I've done quite a few posts about the drinks I've given a go and since the PSL (or I guess this is the PSF?) is back, I'm giving it a second chance.

When I heard the PSL now had real pumpkin flavor instead of artificial pumpkin, I thought "maybe this time I will like the drink a bit more". First impression: liquefied pumpkin pie. I love me some pumpkin pie. It was great for the first few sips... then it started to get a bit too sweet and I instantly regretted ordering a venti (out of habit...).
After asking around, I've learned that I'm not totally crazy (I have a weird food/drink flavor tastebuds so not liking this doesn't surprise me). Apparently the frappuccino version isn't preferred but the normal latte version is all good!
So what are your thoughts on the PSL? Totally worth it? Or is it too hyped up?

Favorite Store: AEO

So, I wanted to start a favorite store series. American Eagle is probably perfect to start out with since the majority of my clothes are from here... 

First, there literally isn't a thing you can't find in that store. AE has it all: tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses, jackets, shoes, jewelry, belts, undergarments..I could go on for ages! I think I own at least one thing from every possibly category at that store (or at least I did). My friends still joke with me about one day in middle school when we were comparing where we bought our clothes that we had on. I kid you not, except for my socks, everything else was from American Eagle and my friends got such a kick out of it. (And as I write this now, I'm all decked out in AE once again...)

Let's talk their top selection. When I first was introduced to AE, I was not too crazy about their shirts. I always felt like their tops and dresses were always hit or miss. But as I find my own fashion sense and find a happy medium with th…