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some study tips

Since I'm a Junior in college, you'd think I'd just about mastered studying, but that isn't exactly true. I do know my fair share of tips (which you'll read in a sec), but please feel free to share some more tips in the comments!
Read over the material first. Just get some idea as to what you need to know or what you are asked. If you need to do a math problem, redo old homework questions and then rewrite them again if you have time. Basically for everything you need to know (definitions, facts, etc) rewrite the material. Maybe twice or three times if you are up for it. Reread what you are studying. (I find it best to read, rewrite, and read again and repeat)Try speaking out loud what you need to know. If you can, try teaching the material to someone else. You learn much quicker than you think. Make any charts/graphs/pictures necessary that could help divide the information. If it's memorizing information, or just need to remember something, try to make acronyms…

target vs ulta: what's best for what

Before working at Ulta, I had the misconception that everything was more expensive than at Target and that got me thinking that I wanted to do a post about the differences and similarities between the two and give the real deal on where to get what in terms of makeup, skincare, and hair.  The things that are the same are that the prices are the same. Really. If it seems more expensive at Ulta, use the 3.50 off of 10 coupon and it will probably be cheaper. I am 99% sure that they both have the same drugstore brands as well.   BUT Target carries e.l.f., which Ulta does not. Target has more options for drugstore bath and body things, but that's the only differences I can think of.  Ulta's version of e.l.f. is Essence. Same kind of prices and quality, but less variety in products. Ulta obviously carries high-end brands, but some different ones than Sephora. Ulta also has a better selection of face masks than Target.  So what's best for what? If you're looking for drugstore bran…

how to manage your time better

Now that school has been in session for about a month now, it's about time for a reminder to stay on top of things. This is your motivation post to get your ish together and get back on the ball.  The most important thing is to make a list of all the things that need to get done either for that day, or that week if you want to be that organized. Once your list is made, it's easier to break down.  Prioritize. See what things need to be done before the end of the day first. Then I personally love to split things up so it doesn't seem as overwhelming.  School comes first. It always should. Make time to study and get homework done.  Leave a spot for some "me time". You'll thank your sanity later.  For all the list lovers like myself: Note what needs to be done.Do the important things first, especially homework. Leave room for "me time"Breaking things up will make your long list go by fasterI hope this helps even a little bit! You're always welcome to list…

My Favorite Raspberry Smoothie

This week I wanted to share my go-to smoothie recipe! Super easy, only 4 ingredients and not that terrible for you!

So first you need your ingredients. I use 2 bags of frozen raspberries, 2 cups of vanilla yogurt, and a little more than 2 yogurt cup fulls of milk (add more if you'd like), and a little bit of sugar. . 

Simply mix all the ingredients in a blender of your choice. The best way to layer the ingredients is to put the yogurt first, then milk, the raspberries, and then just lightly pour enough sugar to cover the top. Then blend to your preferred thickness! Personally, The thicker the better as it's more of an ice cream consistency and too watery grosses me out. 

And there you go! See? Totally simple! And this makes enough to fill about 3 cups full (about 24 oz? maybe..? ). This is perfect for either dessert, breakfast, lunch, just a snack..the options are limitless! and it will last a few days too. I like to have it every few weeks in the summer! 
Hope this recipe was eas…