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Foodie Friday: A Few Starbucks Hacks

Okay I have no new food obsession or have been out to eat recently..I do, however, have an addiction to coffee and more specifically, Starbucks. After years of dedication, I've learned a few hacks to save money and have better tasting coffee. 
The bigger the size, the more you save. This is sadly how I became addicted to ventis, but I felt as if I got more bang for my buck. I rather spend 6 dollars on a 20 oz coffee than 5 bucks on a 12 oz. 
Which brings me to another cheaper option, go for the iced coffees or iced versions of things instead of a frappuccino. As much as I love them, they are more expensive blended when you can get the iced version for the same taste. 
If you want a frappuccino, but want to cut back on calories, lite versions are 1/3 less in calories. 
The coffee frappuccino itself is the cheapest and "healthiest" frappuccino option. 
In terms of coffee, iced coffees are the cheapest. I can get a venti for 3 bucks. 
In my opinion, the vanilla iced coffee does n…

The Review: Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer

I believe this is the last Urban Decay sample eye shadow primer I have left (But don't worry, I bought myself the full size of the original). We all know that Urban's eye shadow primers are amazing with their staying power (they really do last 24 hours- I've tested it), but each formula is a bit different from the rest.  The anti-aging primer makes me think that it's supposed to prevent aging. I'm 21 so I won't have any clue if it does that any time soon... BUT I do know that it feels super soft and blends beautifully so I THINK it's doing something. It reminds me of the original formula with the finish, but slightly softer on the eyes. It says it's supposed to color correct and blur flaws and it does just that! I have very red and vein-y lids, so this was a perfect base.  Not much to go on about it, a little goes a long way so it lasts for ages, it's super easy to use, does the job, and supposedly prevents aging. 
I'm probably not going to purchas…

Watch It Wednesday: velvetgh0st

Gabbie is the Youtuber I'm currently marathoning. I've watched all of her main channel videos and I'm currently marathoning her second channel.  Gabbie is one of the many YouTubers that I had on my "to binge watch" list. I was on the fence about her at first as all I saw was negativity toward her, but then my friend started to watch her and became obsessed. That's when I decided to give her a chance and put her on my list.  I've been following her on twitter for nearly a year now and I loved her tweets, which are mainly about the songs she's obsessed with. We have a very similar taste in music so I already loved her before I watched a video from her.  Gabbie posts mainly makeup videos, like tutorials and hauls and favorites and whatnot, but as her life changes, so does her channel. She has a ton of home hauls and food recipes that look amazing! Gabbie also loves to sing and hopes to be a professional singer one day so in lots of bloopers, you'll find…

Try It Tuesday: Wattsup

Yes I feel like my Benefit Advent calendar surprises will keep on for a little while more.... Today's post is about their highlighter, Wattsup. Besides the adorably punny name, I knew little about this product but had an inkling of how and where highlighter should be placed after my love with HighBeam. I vaguely remember my one friend having the Wattsup highlighter in her makeup stash but I had never seen it, only heard of such a thing.

The packaging is adorable and my favorite by far, The little lightbulbs make my day and I like the twist up tube. It's just so cute!!! But how did I get on with it? I liked it! It's a very subtle glow, but perfect for the winter months as it sort of warms up my complexion. Staying power is good and I can already tell that this little thing will last me a long time. I'm not the best with highlighters so I can't tell for sure if it's amazing, but I'll keep working with it and let you know...

Music Monday: Currently Listening To- 1/25/16

So I still have not had the pleasure to hear a new album, instead I've been singing along to Adele's 25 on my way to here's another list of songs I've been listening to, singing along to, or just have stuck in my head...
Million Years Ago- Adele Water Under the Bridge- Adele Hair- Little Mix Wolves- One Direction Fly Away- 5 Seconds of Summer Olivia- One Direction What Hurts the Most- Rascal Flatts Live Like You Were Dying- Tim McGraw Bang Dem Sticks- Meghan Trainor Night Train- Jason Aldean Night of Our Lives- Rascal Flatts
(it was also the reunion of High School Musical so I had to just reminisce on my favorites) Every Day- HSM 2 Fabulous- HSM 2 Getcha Head In the Game- HSM Breaking Free- HSM Work This Out- HSM 2 High School Musical - HSM 3 The Boys are Back- HSM 3
What have you been listening to?

Foodie Friday: Manhattan Bagels

I'm not a fussy eater with most things, but you can definitely tell when a bagel is really good. It's something with the water, or so I'm told... Manhattan Bagels is a chain breakfast store where they have the best bagels ever. I'm lucky enough to have 2 both 5 minutes away from me. I love their everything bagels the most and my family recently discovered their salmon spread and the two together is magic.  Last week my sister and I decided to give their pre-made sandwiches a go. We tried the Lox Bagel (cream cheese, smoked salmon, tomatoes, red onion and capers) and it was good! Maybe a bit too much on the smoked salmon, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

The Review: Bath & Body Works Honeysuckle Candle

Me oh my I love a good candle. I'm fairly particular with my scents. Candle scents that smell like food are my favorite, so me grabbing a floral scent says something about the candle. Before I even get into how the scent is, Bath & Body Works candles, especially the three wick ones, burn amazingly, I never have a problem with them and they last a fair amount of time. That little fact pleases me as I know I'm getting the most out of my candle (and it always looks more pretty too). The packaging is also super cute and I'm in love with the design on the jar and lid! Typically Bath & Body Works candles can be a bit too sweet, especially the food scented ones, but this floral scent is just perfect. It's not too in your face, but not so subtle that you can't smell it. I find it very calming and I hope the scent is back in the spring.

Try It Tuesday: Lollitint

I still have things to try from my Benefit advent calendar, and one of the days had Lollitint. I was intrigued just by the name. I don't have any tints, so I didn't know what to expect other than it will bring a tint to my lips. 

The packaging was cute and simple, like all their products. This in particular reminded me of candy with the purple and pink colors. 
When applied, it was a very wet feeling. Typically the formulas I've used with any lip product are balm-like and feel like something is being put on your lips. This just felt like I was painting a drink onto my lips, but I was seeing the color being painted on and it was almost mind blowing. The color is very natural, but has a purpley-pink tone. It's also sheer, but I imagine it can be built up to a more opaque color. It also doesn't dry out my lips, which is a huge plus! It also fades nicely. 
Overall, it was a standard everyday color for me, nothing too special other than it being a tint. Who knows, I may en…

Music Monday- Currently Listening To: 1/18/16

There hasn't been an album that I've been listening to the past week, although I do need to remind myself to listen to the Little Mix album...but here's what I've been listening to, find myself signing along to, or just can't get out of my head:
All I Ask- Adele San Francisco- 5 Seconds of Summer Hands to Myself- Selena Gomez In the Night- The Weekend Hallelujah- Andy Grammar Send My Love (To Your New Lover)- Adele Mrs All American- 5 Seconds of Summer Love You Goodbye- One Direction Hideaway- Daya It's Gonna Be Me- NSYNC Next Boyfriend- Lauren Alaina Same Old Love- Selena Gomez
What have you been listening to?

Foodie Friday: Swiss Haus Cake

Let's talk about cake. The Swiss Haus Hazelnut cake to be exact. If you talk to anyone in my family about this cake, you'd think it's a member of the family. We love it! We love this cake so much that it's the birthday cake we've had in the family since my mom was a baby. Apparently we aren't the only family that values this cake so much as the new owner of the bakery has a similar story. 
The Swiss Haus Bakery used to be called the Swiss Pastry Bakery so that is what my family still refer to this place as and this hazelnut cake will forever be known to us as the Swiss Pastry cake. The bakery is on 19th Street in Center City Philadelphia by the way...
Well what's the big deal about this cake? It's a hazelnut sponge cake with butter cream frosting and has chocolate shavings around the edge (usually we buy the cake where you can write "Happy Birthday _" on it and the top is all butter cream and have pink and yellow buttercream flowers that line th…

The Review: Head & Shoulders

One thing that's happened to me since getting involved with the world of blogging and vlogging: you get inspired to better yourself and take better care of yourself. Before this world, I couldn't give a hoot about my shampoo. But you know what? It makes a difference. 

I totally bought into the whole "washing your hair less" thing. It sounds gross but my hair has never been healthier. It takes a bit of having gross hair, but it pays off in the end. But it all starts with a great shampoo. I believe I went to Head & Shoulders to use for my shampoo because Anna (ViviannaDoesMakeup) used to use it. I got the Oil Control one. 
Me oh my did this thing do wonders. My hair was cleaner, it didn't get greasy right away anymore, and no more itching (dandruff is gross, I know). It did the job. It recommends to use this once or twice a week. At first, I was in-between shampoos and rotated between the two and ended up using it once a week. If I knew what a clarifying shampoo …

Watch It Wednesday: Lily Pebbles

I love to marathon YouTubers, and how else to marathon other than watching from oldest video to newest? It takes months, but it's totally worth it because it let's you love the YouTuber even more. 
Recently I just finished watching Lily Pebbles and now I'm up to date. I started to watch her because I loved seeing her in Anna's videos (ViviannaDoesMakeup). They are the best friends every one wants to be like. I've read her blog for the same amount that I read Anna's and I loved (and still love) their posts so loving their videos was no surprise.
What actually was a surprise was that I wasn't massively in love with Lily's videos from the get-go. All of her videos have amazing content, but you couldn't truly see her personality come through until she started to vlog more and vlogged every day straight for Vlogmas and then #EveryDayMay. Once she did those daily vlogs, I enjoyed her videos much more and now she is one of my favorite YouTubers.
Lily used to …

Try It Tuesday: Ulta Eye Primer in Champagne

This is another result of my need to try out everything and even though I love the Urban Decay primers, you never know if you can find something fairly comparable for cheaper. This eye primer from Ulta looks like a dupe for the Urban Decay Sin primer but how does it actually compare?

Comparing packaging wise, they both have simple, shiny tubes that fan out. I only tried the sample of the sin primer, but I'm fairly certain that the tube is a champagne color as well.  As for application, the Ulta primer is more natural looking than Urban Decay. I found that the Ulta one still had a champagne color to the lid when applied, but it was fairly easy to blend out and have a sheer look, which is perfect for the brown eye look I like to achieve. Urban Decay's was more pigmented and turned any makeup look more brown. Lasting power is where things fall short. Although Ulta's does the job, it doesn't nearly last as long as Urban's. It tends to crease after a while, but it lasts en…

Music Monday: Currently Listening To 1/11/16

I'm still obsessed with the Adele album but to not go on about those songs another week in a row, let's see what songs I keep looking out for in the radio or always sing along to at work or just have them in my head...
Hide Away by Daya
Million Years Ago- Adele In The Night- The Weekend  Stand By You- Rachel Platton When Love Hurts- JoJo I See Fire- Ed Sheeran Perfect- One Direction Fly Away- 5 Seconds of Summer
What have you been listening to recently?

Foodie Friday: Wawa Coffee

I know what you're thinking...Wawa coffee? Really? Why not Starbucks? Well let me tell you what, This stuff is amazing and cheap and I've been craving it lately and I just bought myself this cup so I need to share the joy of this coffee and share my favorite cup. 

So Wawa is only in South East PA (and some of New Jersey and Florida I think...) but it's basically a local convenience store and we all love their coffee. I personally love to get the hazelnut coffee and mix it with a bit of Irish Cream and sugar and it's just fantastic. This cost me 1/4 of what I normally get at Starbucks for twice the size. When I havent had coffee yet at home, I make sure that I stop by Wawa before or after I go wherever I needed to be and it just hits the spot. Coffee lovers will get me. 
Someone please try out this combination and let me know what you think because I think it's the next best thing since sliced bread.

The Review: Bath & Body Works Anti-Bac

I could have very well talked about Bath & Body Works and their amazing anti-bac before but in case I haven't, here I go!

Like all Bath & Body Works packaging, it's cute, simple, and describes the scent perfectly. I happened to just finish the warm vanilla sugar scented anti-bac. The scent itself is sweet and sugary but it still has a fair stench of alcohol. It also doesn't linger very long.  Although it sounds like a bad mix, it's nice since the alcohol smell wears off fairly quickly and the sugar stays put a little longer but it's not headache worthy. Why I love these anti-bacs more than others is that is doesn't dry out my hands. I always find them to be smoother instead of dryer. For someone who constantly has dry hands, anything that makes them not dry is amazing. They also last for a long time and aren't expensive and during the semi-annual sale, they go 5 for 5 (which is how I got myself a bunch)

Watch It Wednesday: Gilmore Girls

It's a classic, but in case you never heard of it (or seen it), Gilmore Girls is a great show. I know it recently was put on Netflix so it's easier to get a hold of to watch (or binge watch). I grew up watching reruns on ABC Family after school and then I actually tried to watch it while it was still running but then that was the confusing year where no one was sure if it was being cancelled so I missed the last season. 
Regardless, Gilmore Girls is about the life of Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory who live in the small town of S

Try It Tuesday: Maybelline's Blur + Smooth Primer

What happens when you are obsessed with trying everything so you can find the true holy grail products and you also work at a makeup store and decided to shop during the holiday rush? Well you pick the first thing in sight and try it out. 

I personally love Maybelline as a brand in general so I had high expectations before I even tried this out. I also don't have much experience with using face primers so I also didn't really know what to expect. I know it's supposed to smooth my skin and blur it (so eliminate pores). It sounds like a possible dupe for Benefit's Porefessional. My friend has tried this and said she liked it and she knows her stuff with makeup so if it's good in her book, it'll be good with me.  As far as primer application goes, I don't see much of a difference when I put them on. I only put a small dot the size of the nozzle (is that what it's called? It the size of the bit that the product comes out of) and then put it all over with my s…

Music Monday: 25

I finally got my hands on the Target exclusive version of 25 on the last day of 2015! This week will be more of a first listen as I've only heard the first few songs on Adele's 25 album but I'm in love with what I've heard so far.
1. Hello- This song never gets old. I believe it was out since felt like a while. It's her comeback song and it's beautiful and I try to sing along as the belt-y songs are always my favorite but I just sound like a screeching cat. If you haven't heard it yet, you must be living under a rock because it's played everywhere (and rightfully so!) This song also has a sorry message of the heart-breaker's point of view which is usually the other way around and I like that.
2. Send My Love (To Your New Lover): OH MY GOD. Who is this??? This isn't the Adele music I'm used to! It's more upbeat and the beat is funky and sounds more like festival music..I can't put a genre to it, but it's real…

Foodie Friday: Five Guys

Five Guys is the place to go where you want somewhat healthy fast food. I haven't been to a Five Guys in years but I remembered that they fry with peanut oil which is apparently healthier. You also get free peanuts with your meal. I opted for the veggie sandwich, which I expected toast but ended up with a bun, so that was interesting. The burger was good, fries were good. It tasted like you'd expect fast food to taste but I guess it was a little less guilt because of it supposedly being healthier. Only go if one is near you, or like me and my sisters, just make a little trip out of it only if you haven't been in a while.