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Music Monday: Currently Listening To- 2/29/16

First of all, happy leap day! But here's a list of songs that I've been listening to, singing along to, or just have stuck in my head over the past week...
Send My Love (To Your New Lover)- Adele Grown- Little Mix The End- Little Mix Airplanes- 5 Seconds of Summer Perfect- One Direction Alive- One Direction Drive- Miley Cyrus Eighteen Inches- Lauren Alaina Hey There Delilah- Plain White Tees (actually it was Dalton Rapattoni's version from American Idol...) Back Together- Jesse McCartney Chloe- Emblem3 New Romantics- Taylor Swift Sleazy- Kesha Cannibal- Kesha Circus- Britney Spears

Watch It Wednesday: Marcus Butler

One of the first YouTubers I ever started watching was Marcus Butler. True story, I first decided to watch him because I knew he was friends with Zoe and Alfie so therefore I should watch all of his videos.  At first, I loved all the collabs that he would do and any other funny video. He has always done skits frequently, but they're not my favorite. He does a lot of dare videos, Q&As along with the skits and any other random video. His videos with his sisters are some of my favorite. When he was with his now ex-girlfriend, Niomi, I loved those videos the most (#Narcus shipper for life...).  When he hit 1 million subscribers, he made a parody rap and I became obsessed with it, and now he recently put up another rap. It's all for fun but they are both seriously catchy... Marcus also has two other channels besides his main channel, which is just his name. MoreMarcus, his second channel, started out as just vlogs from big events, to daily vlogging, to now turning into more videos…

Try It Tuesday: Soap & Glory Rich & Foamous Body Wash

I've been involved with the YouTube/blogging world for about 3 years now and if there's one brand I see being used over and over, it's Soap & Glory. Until recently, none of their products were available in the US but then the store I work at, Ulta, starting to carry it and I've been dying to buy something from them. So, when I unexpectedly ran out of shower products, I went straight to Ulta to pick out some Soap & Glory goodies. I smelt all the smells possible, and not trying to get ahead of myself, I picked up the best of the best that I needed at the time.
First up is the Rich & Foamous body wash. The packaging is super cute but simple and I love how it has a pump. It's sweet smelling, but not too overbearing. I believe it has maple in it so that explains the sweetness. As for my first thoughts, it made my skin feel soft and wasn't drying! I put on lotion regardless but it was nice to not get super dry as soon as I was out of the shower (is that tmi?…

Music Monday: Get Weird

I've finally got the time to sit and listen to Little Mix's album, Get Weird! I've been in a Little Mix mood lately so I've been dying for this moment. Here's my first thoughts on the album:
Black Magic- A song a knew from the summer. It's such a catchy tune. The video is adorable too! I feel magical just listening to it.
Love Me Like You- Another song I've loved for a while! I like the 50's feel in the chorus. I have to admit that the verses took me a bit to catch onto..but it's another catchy one and you'll be singing the chorus for days. Anyone else find it hard to understand what they're saying in the verses? Just me? Okay then...
Weird People- OOOOOH I like this!!! Very 80's feeling! Obsessed with the beat! Reminds me of when they covered Word Up! I feel like it'll be a nice anthem song like A Different Beat from their Salute album. I love love love the bridge! Beat switch-ups are my favorite. 
Secret Love Song- I've had heard s…

The Review: Bath & Body Works Lotion in Magnolia Blossom

I go on and on about Bath & Body Works lotions so I'll keep this short and sweet. Very moisturizing, but light enough to immediately sink into your skin. Very fragrant so choose wisely. I personally love this scent and I'm sad it's discontinued but after all these years the smell is still just as strong.  Magnolia Blossom is more of a musky floral scent and it's basically my signature scent but now that I'm all out, I'm on the hunt for a new scent! Any suggestions?

Try It Tuesday: MAC Lipstick in Syrup

I had always imagined I would get my first MAC lipstick when it was time to do my first back to MAC. That was not the case. Me, my mom, and my sister were already at the mall and my sister had it in her that she was going to get a MAC blush. Because I love makeup and trying things, I decided I had to get something from MAC, so obviously I wanted a lipstick. I was thinking quick as my mom was getting impatient with us (she's not a fan of makeup) and the only color shooting out at me was Syrup! I knew that Lily Pebbles loves that color so therefore I needed it as Lily has similar coloring to me so I knew I could pull the color off.

First swatch was quite the experience! I didn't know what to expect at all. It's a lustre so I knew it was going to be shiny, but I wasn't sure of how opaque it would be on me or even how it would feel! It felt nice and smooth and I could tell that it wouldn't be very drying. It lasts 3ish hours, and fades beautifully. So all the things I loo…

Music Monday: Oldies but Goodies

So I apologize that this is super late, and short, but here's the list of things that I've been listening to, singing along to, or just can't get out of my head...
Walkashame- Meghan Trainor The High Road- JoJo How Did We End Up Here- 5 Seconds of Summer Cry Me A River- Michael Buble Oops I Did It Again- Brittney Spears Set Fire to the Rain- Adele Fool's Gold- One Direction Kiss Me- Ed Sheeran Anything- JoJo Rumor Has It- Adele

Foodie Friday: My Love For Guac

Well that's a title I never thought I'd write... I am not a fan of avocado but I do enjoy guacamole. My mom recently bought a whole pack of perfectly portioned guac packets that I pair with Tostito's chips and have myself a lovely lunch/snack. I feel as if it may be a bit too garlic-y but that's also why I love it so much! The seasoning in this guac is something I've never tried before and it's truly made me addicted. It's also super organic and healthy and makes it all the more tempting to eat it!

The Review: Batiste Colored Dry Shampoo

So I'm gonna just say it. I was not the biggest fan of this dry shampoo. Let me first say that I fell in love with NYM's dry shampoo and was used to it's flexible ways. I was also exposed to the hype around Batiste and how it was amazing. I always wanted to try it. Silly me thought to go try the colored one first. For the first few times I used it, I didn't know that it was different than the normal dry shampoo. I had to learn the hard way that you need to spray your whole head first, then was a few more seconds, and then mix the shampoo into your head. Even with that trick and my hands finally clean, I still wasn't that impressed. I found it to be quite stiff and only really useful when my hair was going up anyway and it was good for hiding the shine. I was also skeptical about the size. It's smaller than NYM's but me oh my I only had this for a few months before it ran out, while NYM's lasted me well over 6 months. I think I had to use much more for it to…

Watch it Wednesday: Mynameschai

If you haven't been following me on Twitter, you would never have guessed that Chai is one of my favorite YouTubers. I've been watching his videos for 2 years now and not one has failed to make me laugh. He always puts a smile on my face. Half the time it's by him doing something stupid or embarrassing.  Some of my favorite videos of his is when he tries American candy. I love to judge him on what he thinks of my favorite candy. But then he also can get a bit deep and will do storytime videos, which I really enjoy. He's also been dabbling in weekly vlogging, which I think he needs to do more... Besides his main channel, he also has a gaming channel that I watch just for his commentary and random singing.  I truly think he is one of the most underrated YouTubers and definitely needs more recognition, go give him a watch!

Try It Tuesday: Essence Blush

What happens when my sister dumps her unwanted things into my room? I get more things to try!

The fact that my sister didn't want this Essence blush sort of put me off, but I wanted to try it thinking it was brand new, because let's be honest, it looks brand spankin' new. The color also looks frighteningly bright but I hoped it would be a sheerer coverage. I was wrong. This blush is sooooo pigmented. Like I am used to not worrying about having a heavy hand with blush, so I had babydoll pink cheeks. I had to take my foundation brush over my cheeks to dull it out and it ended up looking fine. The color lasted pretty well throughout the day so my only complaint is that it might be a bit too pigmented but I'm sure I'll find the right balance of how much to apply.

Music Monday: Currently Listening To- 2/8/16

So we all know by the title that I clearly have just been enjoying listening to the radio or old favorites. Here's my list of things I've been listening to, singing along to, or just can't get out of my head...
Safety Pin- 5 Seconds of Summer Marvin Gaye- Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth Cake by the Ocean-DNCE Olivia- One Direction Perfect- One Direction Roses- The Chain Smokers Me Myself & I- G Easy They Just Don't Know You- Little Mix Hide Away- Daya Pillowtalk- Zayn Malik
What have you been listening to?

Foodie Friday: Tea or Coffee?

So I'm not as adventurous with food and have gone yet another week without trying anything new or loving anything new. BUT something that I've always loved is tea and coffee. But when is the right time to drink it?
Let's break down tea first. I love it hot or cold. I'm actually an iced tea snob and only like the powdered Lipton Iced Tea. But I can have this any time of the day any time of the year. Hot tea is a different story. I grew up on Lipton Tea the way my mom makes it with her unique blend of milk and sugar. Me trying to replicate that blend was impossible and I decided I hated that tea but found mint tea. That was my new bae and I was obsessed with peppermint tea for the longest time. I had a cup a day. I go to Chamomile when I'm sick and recently I found I love Earl Grey and now I want to explore black teas. But hot tea is only a winter thing. 
Coffee is my best friend. I have about 5 cups a day. I say that, but really I havent had a single cup today... But …

The Review: They're Real!

I love mascara. It's the first thing I was allowed to wear in terms of makeup. The only thing I'm fussy about with my mascara is how easy it is to take off. I have naturally curled and long lashes so any formula will do. When Ulta put a freebie in the mail for a travel sized They're Real! mascara, I marched right in and got myself one. I know it probably should have only lasted me a month for hygiene purposes, but I made this last 4 months. Obviously as time went on, it got dry and harder to apply, but it was still workable and I believe I used every last drop. I loved how long it made my lashes. Like I said, I naturally have length, but me oh my the mascara made my lashes touch my eyebrows! The little ball shape at the end made it easy to get all the fine lashes. It did lack in volume but at the time I only cared about length. I work at Ulta and customers would ask me all the time if I was wearing extensions or false lashes and I'd chuckle and say they're real! It d…

Watch It Wednesday: Game of Thrones

Now this may seem as a shocking thing for me to watch, but I bloody love Game of Thrones. Yes it's gory and racy and confusing with all of the plots, but trust me when I say that it's worth it.  I think the best way to get into this show is to easy yourself into it. That sounds odd considering how intertwined the story lines get, but that's how I did it.  It started Thanksgiving last year. My dad was sick of me showing him all the funny things that One Direction have done, so he was like wanna see one of the things that I find really cool? And to humor him, I agreed to watch a scene of his favorite show, Game of Thrones. He showed me the epic Daenarys scene where she confronts the slave master. The only background I had on the scene was that Daenarys can understand him but no one else knows that. After watching the scene, I was blown away but only enough to appreciate her and I was content not watching more.  Fast forward to the next day and I find my dad showing my sister th…

Try It Tuesday: Neutrogena Combination Skin Moisturizer

Two years ago, I decided I needed a moisturizer in my life. I found love with Neutrogena's Sensitive Skin Moisturizer. It was claimed to be perfect for oily skin, and at first it was brilliant, but then the brilliance started to dwindle and I started to wonder if I have combination skin now.  Fast forward to today and I've gotten my hands on Neutrogena's Combination Skin Moisturizer. I had high hopes from the get-go.

The packaging is exactly the same, but this version has a little pinkish-orange box on the bottom. I think the pump gives the perfect amount of product. My only complaint is that it be see through, I hate when I don't know when it's nearly done. Obviously the product amount decreases once it's hit the end, but then I bang on the bottle for the next week until I've admitted defeat... Anyway, how was this different from the sensitive skin formula? Well when you first apply it, it feels more water-y. It's definitely odd. It also didn't sink i…

Music Monday: Currently Listening To: 2/1/16

First of all, I can't believe it's already February. Second of all, I have not had the chance to listen to Little Mix's new album. So here's the roundup of all the songs that I have been listening to, singing along to, or just can't get out of my head...
Piece by Piece- Kelly Clarkson Olivia- One Direction End of the Day- One Direction Show Me- Bruno Mars Powerful Stuff- Rascal Flatts Payback- Rascal Flatts Sing- Ed Sheeran Sexy to Me- JoJo Water Under the Bridge- Adele River Lea- Adele Love in the Dark- Adele Million Years Ago- Adele Amnesia- 5 Seconds of Summer Focus- Ariana Grande
What have you been listening to?