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The Lipstick That's Worth the Splurge

I always wanted to try a YSL lip product. I've heard nothing but good things about them. But me actually buying one on a whim? Well, that's totally something I would do...

Leave it to me to feel compelled to buy at least a lip thing whenever I walk into a makeup store. After buying tons of lippys for my friend for her birthday, she wanted to head into Sephora to grab her birthday gift. Then she proceded to look at lipsticks to get. She'd been eyeing up the one YSL lipstick since before my birthday (November) and I was telling her that she had to get it. Meanwhile, I stumble upon the words "sheer" and "moisture". I will try all lip products and lust over matte formulas (they're the one type of lip product I can resist) but as soon as I see anything that promises moisture, I'm all over it. I feel like I can never solve my dry lips but that just means I can continue my hunt for the best lip product (or that's what I tell myself). Either way, I'm swatching the YSL Sheer Candy lipsticks. My favorite number is 12 so I always  gravitate toward that product first, and lo and behold it's the prettiest pink I ever did see. I kept swatching it on my hand, rub it in, fall in love with how soft it made my skin feel, swatch other colors, and then go back to 12 (Which is called Tasty Raspberry). I knew I couldn't resist and tried to get my best friend and my friend who worked at Sephora to convince me I wasn't crazy for buying a $30 lipstick. It happened to be on a day where anything was 10% off and that was enough convincing for me. 

I already said that the color is a beautiful baby pink and it's so glossy you'd think it's a gloss. I actually get on with the smell, which is like a peachy scent. It also wears beautifully and lasts a good 3-4 hours before a reapply. Also the packaging is beyond gorg and I feel like a million bucks whenever I wear it. Definitely worth every penny.  

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