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Flush Blush

There's nothing I love more than a GWP as they are perfect trial sizes. I got this a while back with my Too Faced purchase of the PB&J palette. Seeing as I generally really like Too Faced, I was excited to give their Love Flush blush a go.
Seeing as I'm used to a natural blush to begin with, I went ahead of the game and may have gone a bit overboard. I applied way too much as this stuff is seriously pigmented. Color goofing aside, this stuff did last a long time and I barely made a dent, so even this little sample will give me more than enough time to get the application amount perfect.

Trying $2 Lip Liner

One Thing I probably have the least of lip wise is my liner. I have one red, wine and one pink liner, what else could I need? Well maybe another of each if it only costs two bucks! (Or it's yet another hand me down that I had to try..)
From my understanding, Essence is the Europe version of elf. Both brands have great products for their price and it's perfect for trying out new products before spending an arm and a leg on a high end brand.
I have all drugstore liners to begin with, but if I can get them for a bit cheaper, why not give it a go?
The color in particular I tried is called Red Blush. So the color payoff is great, it may bit a bit more soft than I'm used to, and it doesn't last too long or wear evenly. I can't be too surprised as I liner just the outer corner and mixed it to get a general coverage and I topped it with an elf gloss, so I was basically set up for a short lasting lip and that's what I got. If anything, there are no surprises.
Let me play wi…

Goof Proof? Well How Hard Can That Be?

If you've been keeping up with my posts, you'll know I'm not the best with my eyebrows and I'm slowly getting better. That being said with the new Benefit launch of all these new and repackaged products, I wanted to try something other than tinted I got something goof proof!
I like how the product has a triangular tip, so I get precision along with ease of filling in my brows. Since I've dabbled with trying to fill in my brows with products like actual eyeliners, I was expecting some sort of color to go on my skin so I know how much I'm shaping my brows...Then I take a step back and was like woah!
So It really did well with filling in my brows fairly quickly! I would suggest lots of filling and checking so you don't overfill, and the spoolie is your best friend for hiding mistakes and brow gel does the trick for making it look more natural. After talking to my friend at work who is a benefit arch expert, she said that the product is more waxy and is …

How Has It Taken Me This Long To Try A BB Cream?

I am always late to the party with trying various beauty products. That's because I'm stubborn and like to keep to my routines.. but what better timing to try a BB cream than the summer time??
I know BB stands for beauty balm, so it basically does the job of a heavy coverage foundation while also being light coverage? I'm probably mixing things up, but here's what I know about trying Maybelline's BB Cream (before the surprise surprise, it's my sister's and she didn't use it anymore..)
So it said it has salicylic acid in it, which scared me as I already use an acne medication and while my skin is somewhat under control, I didn't want to mess anything up, but for curiosity's sake, I gave it a go.
The color was a good match, and I found it evened out my skin fairly well, but as expected, it didn't cover any acne redness. It also had the lasting power of any other foundation of mine.
All in all, I'm happy with it and glad I can u…

The Perfume That Surprised Me

I have got my smells down. I know what I like and that will never change. But apparently, some things can slip under the radar and a whole new world is open.
In the Versace perfume sample trio that I got back in November, I finally got round to using the Bright Crystal scent (pink). I definitely expected it to be floral. Floral in a perfume is what I look for, but I have to be careful that it's not too sweet smelling. When I tried on this perfume, it reminded me very much of an old, discontinued Bath & Body Works scent, Magnolia Blossom. It's the perfect combination of floral and musk. Every time I wore this perfume, I would constantly get asked what I was wearing because I always smelt very nice.
This will definitely be one of the next perfumes I buy...

Weekly Catch-Up: 6/25/16

Here's the things I've been watching, reading, and listening to over the past week...
Watching: It's a given that I always watch GoT, but this episode 9 was a particularly amazing one. I nearly pooed myself the entire time. Also I'm like half way through my sub box catch up on youtube so I'm happy about that! Currently watching Zoella's vlog channel (aka my favorite vlogs atm). 
Reading: I finished Billy and Me on Monday. It was not what I expected it to be. The last few chapters were probably my favorite as they had the most action. Probably going to read Fangirl next...
Listening: Still debating if I want to listen to Ariana's album or Tori Kelly's...besides my album of the month dilemma, I've been loving when Sia is played on the radio. Cheap Thrills is my jam.

Trying Smashbox Lippys: The Stick

I have tried bad lipsticks in my life, I have tried great lipsticks in my life. Smashbox lipsticks are somewhere in between.
Again, love the packaging, and the way the lipstick bullet is. I loved the pigmentation of the lipstick too. I didn't love that it went dry fairly quickly (about two hours) and how the color started to pool around my lips. not a good look.
As far as first impressions go, it's in my "only wear when you're not going out for long" days.
Only time will tell if my opinion changes later on...

You Want a Natural Bronze? You Got It!

I pinky promise that this is my last impressions of the Ulta palette as this is the very last thing I needed to try.
A bronzer is a bronzer. The more you put on, the more color you'll get (and depending on the tone, the more orange you can get). I've tried both drugstore and highend and find that they are both similar, and the tone of the bronzer is what makes the difference. Ulta bronzer is no different. Since the colors in the palette are aimed to match everyone, the color is very natural looking on me. I like the red tones in it as I go for that bronzed look. I might have been shy when first applying the bronzer, and I'm also more tanned in the face, so I found this to be a very natural and subtle bronze. This would be perfect for winter, when you don't want to look so pale. I like it so far...

Silver Shampoo That Is Purple

I've had this half bleached/caramel highlighted bits in my hair for about 4 years now. Never have I once considered to use toning shampoo. But then again, this is the first time the highlights have made it on top of my head where highlights are usually put and are out in the open and not a hidden surprise...
So, one day I decided my hair was looking a bit yellow and asked the stylists at Ulta's salon which shampoo/conditioner I should go for and they suggested that I use Matrix's Silver Shampoo. I knew it was really a purple shampoo but it's intent is to knock out the brass and make it more of a true blonde color.
I was so afraid to use this at first that I looked up reviews online as on the back of the bottle suggested I use gloves to apply it, I was like what did I get myself into??? But after a careful skim, It was safe to use in the shower, and people had mixed reviews on whether it lathered enough or not or if they liked the smell but generally it did the results it…

Trying Smashbox Lippys: The Gloss

I am the queen of trying each and every lip product I see, Smashbox isn't something I hear very often when it comes to lip things, but when there are two lip products in a gift set, I have to try them. First up is their glosses.
Right off the bat, I love how sleek their packaging is. I like the boxy style. The applicator is the standard doe-foot, but a little flatter and round? Maybe the ones I've been using lately have a bit of a form to fit the lip, but this is standard and flat, no hugging. Very similar to the NYX suedes.
Packaging aside, I didn't know what to expect. I'm so used to glosses being thick and sticky and sheer. Not that I don't like glosses like that, I do, but sometimes I want a change. Smashbox lipglosses are that change. Yes it's sheer, but like all other glosses, the more you put on, the more opaque the color. It wasn't thick feeling in that it felt like a gloss was on my lips, it was actually similar to the Ulta Butter Balm (possible dupe…

Ulta Eyeshadows Ain't That Bad...

I was debating what to call this post as it's not my first time with drugstore eyeshadows. I have two elf palettes and pretty sure I used Revlon shadows when I was younger, but this is more expensive than those previous experiences so maybe it's different..I don't know...
Anyway, from those experiences, I expected a fairly high pigment shadow, but with fallout and possibly hard to blend. The selection I had wasn't the best suited for my everyday selection at the moment, so with more time I can play with the colors, but for now I opted for a plain pinky-brown (bottow row, third one from the right) matte for the base and then a bright off-white (3rd row, last color) for my highlight.
I'm not sure if you can tell through this blog, but I've become obsessed with highlighting, especially my inner corner/tearduct area. I like it as bright and shimmery as possible and I was pleasantly surprised! surely unless I picked a white, would it truly be as bright as I like, but …

I'm All About That Lip

It's time for another haul! This is mainly lip products as I can't get enough!

I got this NYX lip duo way back in April because it was part of a buy two, get one free deal and I was already buying my friend two NYX things, and I wanted one for myself and when I saw those duo's, I had to get one. Turns out, I was pretty ahead of the ombre lip trend. This is in the shade Rags & Riches. 

The day I saw that we had the new NYX Liquid Suede shades in store, I couldn't resist swatching them all night! The colors are so intense and long lasting that I was dreaming about them.. These are the shades Foul Mouth (navy blue) and Oh, Put It On (deep purple).

Probably the most random of the haul, but since I love all mascaras, I heard the Buxom one was really nice and got myself that. But it's in the long list of mascaras to try so I probably won't use it for a while...

This Ulta Butter Balm was what always caught my eye when I would put things back at work, so I had to grab …

Weekly Catch-Up: 6/18/16

Here's the things I've been watching, reading, and listening to over the past week...
Watching: Full swing back into my YouTube groove. Currently catching up on Jaclyn Hill, last video I watched was her "What's In My Mouth" challenge that she did with her husband Jon. It was so funny that I cry laughed the entire time, definitely recommend that one!
Reading: Haven't picked up a book much... Monday I read the second chapter of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, but since Billy and Me is due at the library in a few days, I might try to finish that one again. 
Music: Somehow I'm slowing becoming a EDM fanatic! Mike Posner's I Took a Pill in Ibiza is constantly stuck in my head. I also love this Hello remix, and this song called You and Me (I forget who it's by... but if you watch MyNamesChai on youtube, it's the song in the outro in his videos about a year ago).

Another Everyday Blush to Add to the Collection...

So sorry for it seeming like I'm shoving Ulta products in your face, but I'm trying to space out products the best I can...
I love palettes because it takes guesswork out of the equation as they have all colors meant to suit everyone. Lately, I love my blushes to be rose gold as I love that glow, but a natural flush to change up the routine is nice. I just wish I knew the name of this color... As you'd expect, it's a natural color. Very subtle. With a heavier hand will come more color depending on the look you're going for. All nice things. Only warning is that just by looking at the color in the pan, it can get a bit babydoll pink. I give my test of the colors to last during my shift at work so it's not the fairest, but the color faded at least by the time I got home, but that happens with all face products after a while, right?
As always, only time will tell...

Maybe Lip Creams are My Friend?

If you frequently read my blogposts, you'll know that I am a huge lip product person, but matte is the one formula that I have a hard time with. Love the look, hate the actual feel of it. When I find mattes that don't feel like matte, it becomes the next best thing since sliced bread.
Yet another product in my Ulta palette is a trial size of their matte lip creams, in the shade Striking. I expected this to feel similar to the NYX whipped souffle thingy that I have and it's actually fairly close! It definitely falls into the category of "matte but doesn't feel it". The only downside is that it takes ages to be truly matte. But I guess that's the price to pay with creams? I don't mind at all, but it isn't as matte as you'd think. It's not shiny like a gloss, but it's what I imagine a liquid lipstick to be. Like a normal lipstick but liquified, not one of the liquid lipsticks that dry out your lips in two seconds.
Thumbs up from me so far (…

The Perfect Ombre Lid

Waay back in December I used up my Ulta birthday coupon on a Smashbox giftset. Part of the set had some Photo Op Eyeshadow Trios. I only tried out the Callback trio, but I'm assuming this will hold for all their shadows. 
Callback is a set of three perfectly paired brown colors. One is a bright off white, then a light brown and a shimmery darker brown. What I like about these off the bat is the color combo. It truly is a great match as even though palettes have colors that all work together, this takes all the guess work for me out of it. It's a huge time saver. 
As for color payoff, it's what I expected. I tend to prefer bright/shimmery colors on my lids and usually have a lid shade paired with a highlight, but for experimentation's sake, I used all three in an ombre as it's presented. On the lid, the color is true to the tin, I put on a sheerer amount as a habit, but it wasn't as muddy as I feared and it didn't have any fallout, which is a huge plus!
In the …

Pink Highlight?

As with the majority of makeup lovers nowadays, we love our highlight. I've tried yellow highlight, bronze highlight, and pearl highlights, now it's time for pink!
It's another product from the Ulta palette I have. Drugstore products have a rep of having high pigment but doesn't last, or at least that's what I expect. I imagined the highlight to be a bronzey pearl. I wasn't far off. It was a very natural everyday highlight that can be seen in the light. For being an everyday color and for me running around at work, I don't expect it to last all day, which it didn't, but at least it met expectations? 
I still want to play around with it, maybe use it more as a glowy blush or even an eyeshadow or just a subtle highlight...the possibilities are endless! But that's what time is for, so stay tuned!

Lip Plumping Gloss???

I don't buy into the whole lip plumping thing because I'm fine with my lip size, but that won't stop me from trying out beautiful shades. Since I'm trying to put myself on a makeup ban of sorts (no new makeup unless it's a freebie or a really need a spare)... I only had the opportunity to try out the Buxom Full On Lip Polish because it was a sample that I picked out. It's the shade Dolly and it's described as the perfect mauve color. Which is actually perfect as I'm totally into purples lately and mauves are my best friend since it's a great transition. But again, I've never tried anything lip plumping, I've been told stories of stinging pain so that's what I expected when I first tried this on. It couldn't have been farther from the truth (at least for me). Of course, before I even noticed the color of the gloss, I noticed the plumping sensation. It's minty, a strong mint, which I'm in love with, and it's very cooling, whi…

The Magic Serum is All Gone...

Remember my first impression with the Vichy Aqualia Thermal serum? I fell in love straight away and after using it up, my opinion has not changed. 
First off, I like the squeezy tube for the serum as I know precisely what two drops is. The only bad thing with the tube is that I couldn't see how much was in there so it was a shock when I used it up completely. 
I won't go on again about the wonders of the serum, but basically it's anti-aging (which I would have never guessed), but super hydrating (hence the aqua bit). It's meant for all skin types, which I personally like the best because I find when I use targeted skin products it's not as nice. My skin drank this up right away and had last effects all day (basically felt super soft and not shiny). This was equally as nice when used at night too.  Also, it wasn't very oily, which I appreciated and it was just a lovely experience all in all. 
Like I said before, the price tag is too much for someone my age to be bu…

Weekly Catch- Up: 6/11/16

It's that time of the week where I update you on the things that I've been watching, reading, and listening to...
Watching: I'm slowly getting back into the youtube routine, keeping as updated as possible, currently switching back and forth between Jim Chapman and Velvetgh0st (Gabbie). 
Reading: Checking out four books at a time was a terrible idea. Who knew that one of those books was a 2 week one too? Not me, that's for sure! So I'm trying to finish Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher, and then I'm thinking Fangirl will be a fastish read, then read Dorian Gray (both of which are due Monday and I don't wanna renew them cause I'm stubborn and want to stay with one book at a time...).
Listening: Nothing too new from last week. I love when Ulta plays Like I Would by Zayn, Better When I'm Dancing by Meghan Trainor, and Don't Let Me Down by Daya and the Chain Smokers. Oh, I also love when my Spotify playlist plays Woman Up by Meghan Trainor.

Shadow Insurance: Worth it?

Seeming as I'm obsessed with Too Faced shadows, I wanted to give their eye shadow primer a whirl. I had low expectations as it's not too talked about, but when you're given a freebie, you don't turn it down. 
It applies fairly similar to the Urban Decay one, so I thought it would be fairly similar, and it seemed that way, until I checked up on my makeup after work. My shadow was creased and not insured at all. For all intents and purposes, I'll deal with it, but my good old friend UD seems to still be the ruler in the eye shadow primer kingdom...

Trying the Most Hyped Up Concealer

Everyone and their mother is obsessed with the Urban Decay Naked Concealers, but I've never given into the hype until now.  My manager gave me the samples of the concealer and I was interested to try them. I was a bit unsure on what I would think as I'm so used to having stick concealers for spots and liquid concealers for highlight, but this is advertised for spot treatment and that's what I used it for. From the little sample I tried, It was okay. I actually don't get the hype as it's just as good as a drugstore concealer. It was light coverage, which can be built up, and it looked nicely blended, but I still think it's comparable to drugstore ones...Maybe I'm using it wrong and it works best for highlighting, in that case I would probably love it and be obsessed. 
Any thoughts?

The Lip Gloss I Always Wanted To Try

So Ulta isn't known for their own makeup range, but tons of people do buy it and I would say it's fairly comparable to NYX. That being said, I haven't tried many things from their range. But, when I have to go and put products back, I can't help but wonder what Ulta's Butter Balm is like. 
It looked like either a very moisturizing lip gloss or a glossy lip balm, either way, it's sheer and shiny color. I happened to choose the Luna shade, which is a pinky nude. When I swatched it on my hand, it felt sticky, but on the lips, it was everything I hoped for. And the lasting power isn't bad either. I'm actually slightly obsessed...

Fast Friends with a Mascara Primer

Remember when Benefit was making a big hype about their They're Real Primer but then totally stopped hyping it up? Well during that time, Ulta sent select people got email trial sizes of it and yours truly was one of them. I put off trying it for a long time because I was already in the middle of using two kinds of mascaras and wanted a simple routine. Then I kept putting on 3 coats of mascara and questioned myself.  I haven't worn They're Real in a long time and I became a fan of the brush instead of plastic bristles so when I first applied this while in a rush to get ready for work, it was like reuniting with an old friend but simultaneously making a new one. The "mink brown" color is literally perfect for giving that first coat of mascara and also separating and lengthening my lashes. I only needed one actual coat of my Smashbox mascara. As you can see, I'm obsessed, but who knows how long this will last as I also am known for loving then hating all mascara…

My First Go With Urban Highlight

I think we can take a hint and know that I get serious makeup envy. So it's no surprise that when my sister got the Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmer, I wanted one as well. Of course I had to wait so that I could get some freebies as an Urban event was near. 
When I first scoped out shades that I could possibly want, I was very much obsessed with a golden highlight (similar to Benefit's Wattsup). So, I ended up picking out the darkest shade, Lit. I hoped it would be a mix of bronzer and highlighter in one. Then I panicked that I picked out a shade too dark for me. 
Turns out it's a perfect shade and probably more of a natural bronze glow than Wattsup. I've become a recent highlight freak so it's a bit too natural for my work look, but totally the perfect everyday glow.

A Peachy Haul

I tried to keep things as chronological as possible, but here's a look at some things I've bought recently...

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette: It's the must have, limited supply, sold out palette that every one was talking about and I was lucky enough to get one. 

YSL Sheer Candy Lipstick in Tasty Raspberry: I already wrote my first impression on this. Basically the best impulse splurge ever. (and the smell is fairly peachy)

Tarte Energy Cheek Stain: One of the lovely gratis from Ulta. It's supposed to give your perfect blush color. I'm excited to try this. 

Nyx Butter Lipstick in Berry: A lip product I bought purely for the promise of a buttery smooth lipstick. Still need to try this one...

Bare Minerals Lash Domination Mascara: An email freebie from Ulta. Just another mascara to add to my "to try" list...

Weekly Catch-Up: 6/4/16

It's the part of the week where I catch you up on things I've been watching, reading, and listening to...
Watching: So guess who's back on track and catching up on her sub box? Yup, this girl! But it's still fairly recent but it feels good to get back into the groove of things. Also before I fall asleep I've gotten into the horrible habit of watching Jimmy Fallon's channel. Only horrible because I'm peeing myself laughing out loud at 1 in the morning...sorry mom!
Also GIRL MEETS WORLD IS BACK! I'm writing this before the season 3 premiere but I'm assuming I'm gonna love it as this is one of my favorite shows. Riley and the gang are in high school and it's gonna be loads more drama in the totally but not love triangle of Rucas vs Lucaya. (BTW I'm totes team Lucaya and my friend Rena is a Rucas die-hard.)
Reading: Remember when I got all those library books? Well I ended up finishing the Nora Roberts book, Chesapeake Blue. I'm a sucker fo…

The Blue Lipstick I Needed To Own

My manager's reaction to me wanting to buy this lipstick was, "You know Lexi is a changed person because she's buying blue lipstick." Me and bold lipstick don't go hand and hand. I lust over it and I own quite a few dark shades, but I just don't wear it as much as I'd like. I also am a sucker for new releases and working in a makeup store doesn't help. 
The other day, I saw NYX had a new selection of their Liquid Suede lipsticks and the colors were so eye-catching, none of the employees could stop themselves from swatching them. Litereally, me and my friends just swatch the colors when the line is down. The first color that drew my eye was the navy blue color. I knew right then I needed to have it. Sophie Foster has been wearing bold/blue lipstick recently and seeing this navy blue/grey lip color just fueled my need to get it. I think I even dreamed about the color. Foul Mouth is my new obsession. I also got the shade Oh, Put It on, which is a dark pur…

My First Time Trying Black Eyeliner...

I have been wearing makeup since I was about 12. You'd think I'd at least worn black eyeliner some time since then, but nope. Never had the interest as my dark browns and blues and purples did the trick. Then with the Ulta palette, I was gifted with a black eyeliner!
I was very impressed with how sharp this liner was. Little thing, but big thing, ya know? An eyeliner is an eyeliner, not much to say. It wasn't as scary as I thought. One downside was that it tended to give me panda eyes as the day went on. Then again, I only had this liner on with no setting powder or eye primer or any of that stuff so it wasn't the fairest trial, but I think panda eyes aren't the worst thing ever, definitely something I can have control over. I'm excited to find ways to use it, so stay tuned!

A Yellow Highlighter?

My lesson was learned a few months back, never wait for a gift with purchase to go on sale. During May, Ulta had this special: Buy $16.50 of Ulta cosmetics or tools and get a $68 Ulta palette for free. Last time I waited on a deal like that, we ran out of gifts. Figures that the one time I buy it instantly, we have too much and now it's on sale for $19.99. Either way, expect lots of review about this palette as I've never tried a lot of Ulta brand things.
First thing I've tried is the yellow highlighter in the palette. (first off, apologies that this picture is not my own and actually from the Ulta website...). I've never tried a yellow highlight, but my first instincts were to put this under my eyes for a brightening effect. BEST. INSTINCT, EVER. This highlighter does wonders! I don't have much (if any) bags/dark circles under my eyes, but I do like to really highlight my under-eye area and make it as bright as possible.
Not only does it insta-brighten, but it lasts…