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Giving Mists A Go...

For years, I hear all my favorite bloggers and vloggers go on and on about face mists. I never even thought why it was such a big deal, especially since my face has enough of a glow already, why on earth would I want to add to that? I also was skeptical if they even work... But then I get my hands on a little Honest Beauty Gift where their Elevated Hydrating Mist was included and then I just had to try it!

I had zero expectations for this. I've never used a mist, so how can I expect anything other than my face getting wet? But since this is my first time using a mist, I knew how to apply it, but I didn't know when and that's when Google comes in handy. Google says it's best after you cleanse so you get a better effect with the moisturizer.

I first tried this at night, after having a face mask on, so my skin was being treated to the nines that night. First off, the smell isn't my favorite. I think I get a slight headache from it...and when I applied it, all I need is like 3 spritzes. Maybe 4. Which is nice cause I don't feel like anything is wasted. Out of habit, I started to fan off the wetness, but then I remembered that that is key for moisturizing. So it became a race against the clock to moisturize with my already heavy moisturizing Benefit Total Moisture.

When I woke up, all I could think was wow! My skin actually felt soo nice. No greasy feeling, it just felt amazing, I was impressed, and it also adds to my theory that I have dehydrated skin.. Then I gave this a go before work and see how it wore in the day under makeup. I found nothing special with that, but that's like any other skin product I use in the morning. Night time is just the best time for my skin but I fully intend to make this a part of my routine and see if my skin improves!

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