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The Review: Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

So this is one of those finished sample reviews where the product lasted a max of 6 days, but I fished it nonetheless.
If you recall my impression of the Naked Skin concealer by Urban Decay, you would know that I didn't see the big fuss over it. After using it for a week, see if my opinion changed.
The packaging was standard for a liquid product. There is always more than one application in the sample, but a terrible seal, so the product always has a chance of drying out.
When I first tried the concealer, I used it for redness coverup. Second time round, it was right before I left for the beach, and used it for a highlighting concealer under my eyes. It was actually high coverage, but the light seemed a bit too light for my liking. After my beach trip, I used the medium light color and medium color under my eyes again, and although it was fitting with my tan, I still think my Rimmel concealer is the best for under the eyes.
So basically I need to find the right color for myself and I …

Weekly Catch-Up: 8/27/16

Here's the things I'm watching, reading, and listening to over the past week...
Watching: So me and my sub box on YouTube is all caught up in time right before school starts. That being said, I'm binge watching Ebony Day's vlog channel. 
Reading: Unfortunately I haven't picked up a book yet, but with September nearly being here, I can't wait to read again!
Listening: Still majorly obsessed with Ariana Grande's album. Tempted myself to listen to X by Ed Sheeran on loop for the millionth time. Also realized that I under appreciate every single 5sos song except San Fransisco.

The Impression: Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer withSunscreen

I got this moisturizer as a recommendation, and as it's a fairly small size, I thought it was worth a shot! But I honestly didn't know what to expect from the Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer with Sunscreen other than it smelling of sunscreen. 
I already mentioned that this is a bit smaller than the Neutrogena ones I love, but I also appreciate the pump at the top, as I know I'll always have a consistent amount to apply. 
This was first applied at night, so I started to get a bit wary that I did in fact pick out a moisturizer and not a sunscreen. But with a bit of research, it's definitely okay to be a moisturizer. First thought was that it looked and smelled like sunscreen, and applied a bit thick like sunscreen. But my skin drank it up fairly quickly and I woke up with my skin feeling hydrated, which is always a plus. Application in the morning is where the true test is as I need to see how it wears all day. It's safe to say that I wasn't particularly oily…

New To My Collection: 8/21/16

Of course I'm always collecting new makeup goodies, here's a little look into what's recently been added...

Urban Decay Mega Matte lipstick in 714: This was just after the release of the Vice lipstick launch, and then I also realized I have a sample of this from my Gwen palette...

Tarteist Lip Paint in Naughty: I only got this because I have extreme makeup jealousy and friend at work was wearing this and I wanted it too, especially when it was the last in stock at the time...

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick: I'm also a sucker for a sale, and I believe they were half (?) price at the time because this was before the new Bare lip products launched...

Laura Geller Baked Illuminator: I've already mentioned this in my impression, but this was a buy after I swatched this daily for a month and convinced myself I needed this...

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Tonic: THIS EYESHADOW IS THE PRETTIEST THING YOU EVER DID SEE! I first came across this by accident wh…

Weekly Catch Up: 8/20/16

Here's the things I've been watching, reading, and listening to over the past week...
Watching: My favorite thing is to watch HGTV while I'm eating any meal, but any other time of the day, I'm catching up on the YouTubers I'm subscribed to. Just finished watching ViviannaDoesMakeup and moved on to Zoella. 
Reading: To be honest, I'm putting myself on a book ban till September because I basically eat up books so I gotta pace myself somehow...I've been reading blogs when I can, but it's not often. 
Listening: Again nothing too new if you read all these posts, but actually as I'm listening to the Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman album along with all my other songs on Spotify, her song Greedy has caught my attention!

The Impression: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

As you may or may not know, I've been slowly dipping my feet in the water when it comes to my brows. For the longest time, I convinced myself I didn't need any product, but like all other fellow beauty junkies, I caved and now I'm obsessed with brow things.
Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for their brow products, so how could I not try one? Or at least wait this long to try one...but besides me being extremely late to the party, let's get on with what I think of the brow definer.
Straight away, the packaging is similar to Benefit's Goof Proof brow pencil. Same shape and all. Actually, ABH is a bit more triangular, where as Benefit is a bit more like a teardrop. From what I know from the goof proof, is that it's supposed to stick more to hair than skin,  I don't know as much with ABH, what I do know is how they compare with payoff and ease of application.
The difference between the two is so slight, but basically I found it a bit easier with ABH only because …

The Review: Aromatherapy Stress Relief Body Lotion

One thing I pride myself in is making use for any product, even if it's not my favorite. That being said, there are things I'm more picky with than others. Body lotion is one thing that I'm 110% sure that I've found my holy grail on, but of course I'll try any others just for curiosity's sake. 
Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to my holy grail body lotion: Stress Relief by Aromatherapy. Now, this is sort of umbrella-ed in my mind as a Bath & Body Works lotion as that's where they sell it, and it may well be by Bath & Body Works, but regardless, either of their lotions are the best things ever. They are super hydrating and can cure all tough dry patches, but also non greasy and absorb amazingly and can be put on day and night without worry. 
This scent/lotion in particular is wonderful. Eucalyptus and Mint is the best calming combination ever! When put on at night, it's the best sleep aid as I promise you'll be out within minutes. Also m…

Weekly Catch Up: 8/13/16

Here's the things I've been watching, reading, and listening to over the past week!
Watching: I've caught up with Tanya Burr, and have moved on to ThatcherJoe aka Joe Sugg. Currently on his vlogs as I've caught up with his main channel videos. His main channel videos always make me laugh, and his vlogs are just as good!
Reading: So remember that book rut/hangover I was going through? Well I decided enough was enough, deleted all the books I decided I had to read on GoodReads, went back to my personal, handwritten list of series I was still in the middle of, and picked the series I was closer to finishing and just bought in on my kindle. I intended it to be for those times where I was stuck waiting and it would be a better alternative than wasting my data. Literally the next day, I had a hard time falling asleep, and turned to my kindle and started to read the book I had just bought, Beautiful Redemption (4th book in the Beautiful Creatures series). I quickly got back int…

The Impression: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlight in Opal

For as much as I love my highlight, Becca is still a brand I haven't tried. We all know how known they are for the highlighting game, especially will all their Jaclyn Hill collaborations, so I was extra excited when I got my hands on their Skin Perfector Duo. Yesterday I gave the liquid version a go and as you would expect, I was very pleased!
First I was a bit shocked with the applicator as I'm used to a brush for liquid highlights, so when it was a doe-foot applicator I was more like, oh! I applied to the tops of my cheek bones and the excess on top of my brow bone and had one side of the applicator for each side of my face. I also put this on as the last step of my liquid makeup routine before I put on powder.
My room has terrible lighting so when I finished off my powder makeup, I thought I had lost all the beautiful intense glow that the Becca highlight gave, but once in the right light, it was BEAUTIFUL! And yesterday was so hot, I felt like I was melting, and the glow was…

New To My Collection: 8/7/16

This Freeman Mask was bought because 1, it's for all skin types, and 2, I plan to try them all, and 3, everyone buys it, so it's gotta be good, right?

Similar to the mask, I love Neutrogena moisturizers, and I want to try them all, and here's one I haven't tried yet. 

And if I love their moisturizers, let's give the rest of their skin care items a go! This is their cleanser for when I run out of my current one.
Back before Urban Decay came out with the Vice lipstick collection, I got my hands on the last few lipsticks before the new packaging, first up is the Matte Revolution lipstick in Bittersweet (purple) and then the Revolution lipstick in Native (nudey pink)

Weekly Catch Up: 8/6/16

Here's the things I've been watching, reading, and listening to over the past week...
Watching: I've gone back to watching Gilmore Girls again! I just started season 4, and hopefully if I can remember/make time to watch it daily, I should be finished in a few months! On the YouTube side, I'm still catching on Tanya Burr, but Chai (MyNamesChai) just created a vlog channel and that was the highlight of my week. 
Reading: I keep telling myself I have to pick up a book, if not for reading at night, at least for when I have long periods to wait for people/things since school is going to start soon. I just need to find the list of books I wanted to read...
Listening: Have I mentioned that I downloaded Ariana Grande's album? Cause I have and I've been loving Leave Me Lonely! Also JoJo's new song is AMAZING! It's called F*** Apologies. Get it. I also like JB's new song, Cold Water. I also love Shawn Mendes' new song, Treat You Better. JoJo covered that and…

The Impression: NYX Butter Lipstick

For those who know me, I love all things lip, especially ones that have anything to do with moisturizing. So when I browse through the NYX isle and see that I haven't tried the butter lipstick yet, I knew that had to change and yesterday was that day. 
I picked a berry color, berry tart to be exact, because it's what caught my eye. Usually NYX lip things are very pigmented, so I had to apply a small amount at a time to not go overboard on the color. Because I used such a small amount, I probably didn't get as much of a buttered effect as it could be, so it wore off beautifully but kinda quickly. 
With more experimentation, I'm sure I'll find a way to make this work, for now it's a meh.