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Where Have I Been?

Hello people of the internet who stumbled across my blog. If you didn't know, I'm Lexi and I am a makeup junkie. I cant get enough of it, so working at a makeup store was the best and worst thing that happened to me. I am also a creature of habit and I am simultaneously a hoarder and an anti-hoarder? I love to use up things and I'm constantly cleaning and clearing out and reorganizing. Add that to the makeup obsession and ever growing collection, it leaves with a person who loves getting all the makeup she can cause it's beautiful and she's just gotta try it all..but she also has to use it all so nothing gets left behind and everything gets properly used up so she gives fair opinions about it. From about Christmas to Summer, I collected quite a bit, and tried a lot! Then I got into a rut, where I didn't want to keep trying everything cause I had enough to rotate and nothing was being used up. So I switched up my blog posts and then got into a deeper rut when I f…