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#ProjectPan August 2017

I'm equally amazed at how much I've been both consistently getting and using up products. Have I hit some sort of happy medium?

What I've Used Up:
Bath and Body Works Body Lotion in Cashmere Glow: I looovvveeeee Bath and Body Works lotions. Holy grail. However, this scent wasn't my favorite. a bit too sweet for my liking. Won't buy this particular scent again.
Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation: I was given this from my sister, who didn't want it anymore. At first, I thought it was too dark for me, so I would mix this with L'Oreal's true match foundation in a color that was too light for me. Regardless, the combo always got me compliments for my skin looking so nice. The dream mousse foundation sits a bit dewey on me, so I really like to load on powder, and this isn't a popular foundation, but for some reason it looked good on me. I like Maybelline foundations, but I'm not sure if I will rebuy this one as it was a bit too dewey for my liking.
Fresh Sweet Hand Wash Gel in Vanilla Frosting: I don't know why I feel the need to explain the background for why I use a product, but this was found in the "magical closet of wonder" aka my hallway closet where I first search for all unwanted/unloved beauty products. I stumble across this hand wash and lotion duo that no one was using. I first used the hand wash as such, but the pump didn't pump out a lot of product, and I got annoyed, and decided to use this as a brush cleaner instead. Lasted me a long time. Not much to complain as my brushes were clean and it did the job. This brand is hard to find so I doubt I'll buy again.
Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash (4oz): I liked this exfoliating cleanser. the exfoliating beads are super tiny and not many people like that, but I didn't mind. It left my face a teensy bit dry but with all the hydrating things I use at night, I had no issues. I don't know if I will rebuy, but only because I like to try everything and I have no favorites.
Evian Facial Spray (1.7 oz): My coworkers at work make fun of anyone who buy this spray cause I'm 99% sure this is just water. 15 bucks for 2 bottles of water. I know. But I just haaaddddd to try it. I don't care what's in it, it worked for me and that's all that matters. But as Kathleen Lights would say, "Das esspensive". Probably won't repurchase.
Philosophy Time in a Bottle Serum (0.1 oz): I used this last month. I made it clear I hate the packaging. But the serum made my face feel nice so I guess it wasn't that bad. I think I either don't use serums as long as I should, or I'm too young for these anti aging things, so I don't see a difference. Again, probably won't repurchase.
Philosophy Purity Cleanser (1 oz): I don't understand how people don't get along with cleansers other than giving an allergic reaction or break them out. This did neither. Made my face feel good and it was nice and gentle. The first high end cleanser everyone recommends. Even though I like it, we all know I probably won't buy it as I have too much to try.
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray (0.5 oz): There's always some defective product and this is this month's winner. The nozzle was broke but I made it work. I'm currently using the full size and I'm in love with this spray. It really does make my makeup stay on longer. Holy grail right here.
MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara (sample): I find this similar to IT's Superhero Mascara. That high end pigment with the low end ease to remove. I had more of a natural effect, but I did get some questions as to what mascara I'm wearing, so that's always a plus!
KMS Color Vitality Shampoo (2.5 oz):I had no expectations when using this for the first time. The smell is fruity but not sickly so. It kept my red hair in good condition and my hair felt clean after using this. The only bad thing is that I had to use nearly a palm-full amount.
Benefit Dew The Hoola (.16 oz): I had never tried a liquid bronzer before this. My only bronzer requirement is that it doesn't make me look orange or it be glittery that it looks like i highlighted my whole face. Thankfully this fit the bill and I had no issues. Of course I have to make a packaging comment, it's a cute design but since it's a pump applicator, I didn't know when I was running out until nothing would pump out anymore.

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